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Desiree Bannister


Location icon United States of America

Desiree Bannister is a recent graduate of Brooklyn College’s Journalism and Media Studies Program who enjoys exploring new ways to tell stories that her audience will enjoy. After receiving her Associate's Degree in Communications from LaGuardia College she curiously entered the journalism world. She is currently an intern for the Latinos Out Loud Podcast with three host including a fellow Brooklyn College alumni. She began this internship to obtain credit towards her Degree, but continues to still work with the Podcast. She is in charge of editing content for their social media platforms as well as assisting in the production of recorded episodes. Her goal entering her professional career is to use the tools she’s learned to maintain her integrity whilst reporting news with substance.



Makeup 4 Me

Makeup has been around for thousands of years and dates as far back as 3,000 BC yet it seems like we all discover it in our freshman year of high school. Aside from enhancing ones beauty makeup is used for creativity and simply just for fun.

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