Deon Ashleigh

Professional Editor and Writer

United States

Hey. How are you?

I'm Deon Ashleigh, and I specialize in developmental editing, copyediting, line editing, manuscript critiques, and copywriting.

Improving content is a pleasure for me, and thorough edits filled with big- and small-picture critiques are my standard. When you hire me, you can focus on writing your story and connecting with your readers. I’ll help you transform your writing into its final, beautiful self.

Whether you need a big-picture developmental edit, smoother sentences through a line edit, stellar grammar with a copyedit, a final proofread, or marketing copy, I have you covered!


A U.S. native, I grew up in Michigan or "the Mitten." While baseball is not the favorite pastime, Michigan is a beautiful place. Just remember your ice scraper! I moved to Seattle, WA, for a time, and now I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In my spare time, I write novels, short stories, and Medium articles, and I spend my Friday nights encouraging my writers' group. When not writing, I create educational video games, laugh loudly, motivate others, smile often, and do anything else that inspires me.

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Editor's Self-Published Novelette - Kindle
Sample Edit - The Price of a Beating Heart

A story of survival, The Price of a Beating Heart lies witness to a strict hierarchy where life and death are only a body part away—and love may cost more than you were born with. | Thumbnail image: Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash