Denise Stephens

Freelance writer and photographer

New Zealand

I write content that is informative and helpful for readers looking for inspiration on where to travel, so that they can take the next step in making their dream trip a reality.

As a freelance travel writer, I’ve written feature articles and listicles for high circulation publications such as the New Zealand Herald and

Recent destinations include Wairarapa, Japan (Kyushu, Shimane, Hiroshima, Kinosaki Onsen, Kyoto, Kawaguchiko, Yokohama, and Tokyo), Dunedin, and Napier. Forthcoming destinations include Sydney and Japan (probably Tohoku).

Industry memberships include the Australian Society of Travel Writers and Travmedia.

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South Dunedin beckons

Even if you've visited recently Dunedin, there is plenty more to explore around Dunedin's lesser-known southern suburbs.

Otago Daily Times Online News
Overnight by rail in winter

Denise Stephens takes the slow train to Tokyo. On a chilly February evening, people gathered on the platform at Matsue station waiting for the...

5 Tips For Visiting Japan's Mount Fuji

Fuji rises to 12,389 feet on the coastal plain south of Tokyo, making it Japan's highest mountain. Here are some tips before you visit.

NZ Herald
Nagasaki: The city that opened up Japan to the world

Nagasaki, a city straddling the west coast of Japan's Kyushu island , is the country's former front door to the world, writes Denise Stephens The evening crowds on Mount Inasa stood waiting for the famous night view, said to be one of the three best in the world.

5 Reasons To Visit Japan During Plum Blossom Season

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring, and the season attracts thousands of visitors to Japan each year to see blossoming trees surrounding castles and temples and to walk under masses of pink petals in parks. With all the attention given to cherry blossoms, visitors often don't know about Japan's plum blossoms - which are just as beautiful.

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Exploring the secret spots of inland Kaikōura

Kaikōura is famous for whale watching and crayfish, but for many travellers it’s a quick stop on the way to somewhere else. I spent a leisurely five days there with Driftwood Eco-Tours, exploring the area from the mountains to the sea. Our small group met locals in wool sheds and on walking tracks, listening to their stories and discovering places far from the usual tourist route.

NZ Herald
The Road to War: Featherston and the Remutaka Pass

The Anzacs who marched from Featherston are remembered in a sculpture that points towards Wellington and their waiting troopships, writes Denise Stephens Nine bronze columns lean towards the Remutaka Range, recalling the route thousands of New Zealanders followed on their way to war. They marched from Featherston Camp, through the town and up over the hill.