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Hi, I'm Deneve. Welcome to my Writing Portfolio! Here, you will find pieces of my work over the years. I began writing killer essays in the third form for Literature and Language, However, the talent did not come naturally. Through much practice, I honed the skill and began to enter essay competitions.
I live by the mantra, "Whatever you do, do it well". I also seek to improve on every aspect of both my personal and professional life and thus I am open to constructive criticism.
Apart from writing, my spare time is used to cook, volunteer and sing.
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H.S. Walters Health Centre Launches First Diabetes Call Centre in Jamaica

Most Jamaicans can confirm that they have a relative or know someone with 'Suga'. 'Suga' or diabetes is a prevalent non-communicable or lifestyle disease. According to the World Health Organization's website, diabetes is 'a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces'.

Leadership and Transition: My Story

However, for me the year of 21 proved to me that I was still shackled. I was afraid to take risks in various areas of my life. I was successful at school, work and in service to my church but I...

Prayer service, a show of solidarity for police officers, church and community :: Central Jamaica...

In bringing greetings to the congregation, Dr Lincoln Edwards, President of the Northern Caribbean University, sought to congratulate the JCF for keeping the citizens safe. Similarly, Pastor Nevail Barrett, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, reiterated the praise for the officers while emphasising the need for prayer in these perilous times.


Life as a Respect Jamaica Youth Ambassador

Respect: Due regard for feelings, wishes or rights of others. That is how the Oxford Dictionary denotes this exemplary word. I term the word exemplary as a result of this profound meaning and what this word means to me. Growing up, I craved respect from others but hardly received it.

Cheer On!

This is not a spectacle to miss. Students are impatient to leave school to watch it on either television or live in the National Stadium. The vuvuzelas are blaring from as early as seven in the morning. It is the Friday of the week of 'Champs' and definitely the Wolmer's Trust High School for Girls are alive and excited.

Experience this feeling! OSAY!

I rarely see youth participating in voluntary activities. In addition, I hardly see youth who enjoy volunteering. But to my amazement, I saw 2,000 young people in Clarendon on Sunday March 20th, who were excited to contribute to the welfare of the parish. They were privileged to serve.

Jamaica. First.

Jamaica's political sphere has been buzzing with activity for the past few weeks. Political spectators lined the streets at rallies and every politically affiliated event, with the media giving full coverage to the events as they unfolded. Social media has never been more alive.

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