Dena Jackson

Writer, Comedian and Speaker.

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Dena is a Toronto based writer, comedian and speaker who loves finding ways to share her stories with the world. In 2014, Dena received a nomination for the prestigious Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award, given to aspiring comedians by the Second City. Dena has writing and public relations training from Queen's and Ryerson University and she also recently completed an action/adventure novel that she is hoping to publish in the near future.

Dena has performed at JFL42, the SheDot Festival, the Guelph Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laughfest and Toronto's Dark Comedy Festival. She has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, the Charlebois Post and Blog T.O and she can be seen performing at her weekly show at the Cameron House in Toronto. Dena also writes for CBC Comedy and the Beaverton and her stand-up can be heard on Sirius XM Radio.

The Beaverton
Waterproof iPhone 7 causes Uncle Ben's Rice stock to fall

Mars Inc., the food and beverage conglomerate, saw its share price plummet 28% this morning after a preliminary fourth quarter earnings report revealed that sales of its subsidiary Uncle Ben's Rice dropped precipitously following the release of the new waterproof iPhone 7.

Manpower Canada
Sample Press Release

This is a press release I wrote while working at the iPR Group.

CBC Comedy
Woman returns from weekend yoga retreat as life coach

VANCOUVER, BC- After returning from a two-day yoga retreat in Northern British Columbia, Vancouver resident Brittany Fitzpatrick, 24, has declared herself a life coach, despite a complete lack of certifications or credentials. Fitzpatrick's parents say they paid for her to attend the retreat because she seemed unsure of what to do after finishing school and starting an unsuccessful makeup channel on YouTube.

CBC Comedy
Man claims to no longer relate to city life after 48 hours at cottage

ETOBICOKE, ON- After two beautiful nights at his new cottage in northern Ontario, Phil Jacobs claims to be having a difficult time readjusting to city life. Jacobs explains that after just two days spent immersed in the cottage lifestyle, the slower pace of life has affected him so immensely that he has forgotten the purpose of modern technology and is no longer able to relate to those who live in large urban centres.

Interview Karen Mitten and Who (else) To Watch at SheDot

Karen Mitten speaks and Who (else) To Watch at SheDot Introducing Dena Jackson: Writer, Comedian, Cheese Lover, Weirdo My friends have often asked me why I decided to get into stand-up comedy and the answer is simple. I love getting up in front of an audience and facing most people's greatest fear.