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Delores Smith-Johnson

Copy Editor, Proofreader and Copywriter

Location icon United States

I am an accomplished copywriter, proofreader and copy editor with proven experience in implementing in-house and industry standard guidelines, including Associated Press (AP), Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) and American Psychological Association (APA). I take pride in always prioritizing my client's needs and voice.


Writing Samples

Bleacher Report
Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal: Why Tennis Desperately Needs Rivalry to Continue

They are giants as individuals, and when paired with their tennis rivals, they become even bigger as part of rivalries that easily draw millions around the world to watch them when they take the court. These rivalries include names like Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl and Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova.

Bleacher Report
French Open 2013: Serena Williams Provides Life Lessons to Us All

Julian Finney/Getty Images If you did not see or haven't had a chance to watch a rebroadcast of the French Open women's final, I would recommend doing so.What world No. 1 Serena Williams and world No. 2 Maria Sharapova brought to that court on Saturday morning was so much greater than the tremendous play they provided on it-especially Serena.

Poetry Samples

Look to God

This poem is a reminder that one can always find hope, strength and inspiration in God.

Becoming Invisible

This poem captures the emotions of a dedicated employee who never felt appreciated.

Editing Samples

Medical News Today
Trimalleolar fracture: Treatment, recovery, and causes

A trimalleolar fracture is a three-part break of the ankle. In this injury, three specific areas of the ankle known as the malleoli break at the same time. The malleoli are specific parts of the shinbone and fibula that help make up the ankle: lateral malleolus medial malleolus posterior malleolus All three are very important as an anchoring location for the ligaments that help move, control and stabilize the foot and ankle.

Medical News Today
Cumin: 6 health benefits of cumin

Cumin is a very popular spice in cooking. Many spice blends in curries contain cumin as a key ingredient, and it might be purchased as a seed or dry powder. In this MNT Knowledge Center article, learn more about cumin, including six ways that cumin might be beneficial to your health and how to include it in the diet.

Medical News Today
Occipital neuralgia: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Occipital neuralgia, or a tension headache, is when a headache begins in the back of the neck or head and then spreads to behind the eyes, forehead, and scalp. It can be very painful, and the person may become sensitive to light. Find out more about how it differs from other headaches, and about causes and prevention.

Medical News Today
Epidural hematoma: Definition, treatment, and outlook

Head injuries require immediate medical attention. If blood vessels rupture, a person can develop internal bleeding around the brain. This is called an epidural hematoma. Symptoms include vomiting and seizures. It is potentially life-threatening. Treatment depends on the severity, but surgery may be necessary.

What Black Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer Now

There are so many misconceptions about breast cancer and Black women. To get some clarity, The Black Women's Health Imperative (BWHI) went to one of the leading experts, Lisa A. Newman, MD. Read what she has to say about breast cancer and Black women.

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