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This Is My Brain on Chantix

This story was featured in the 2012 anthology "New York Magazine's Most Popular: Readers' 26 Favorite Stories of the Past Five Years."


Captain Kidd

Because he's a design demigod who has elevated the humble book jacket to a serious cultural statement, Chip Kidd gets asked to give a lot of talks. And when he does these slide-heavy tours of his portfolio, there's an anecdote he likes to use to liven up the disquisition.

Bamboo Surfaces Shape a Luxe Apartment in the Steel City

We still refer to Pittsburgh as "the Steel City," even though steel hasn't been made there in over thirty years. The metropolis once decreed "hell with the lid taken off" has cleaned up its act in recent years, establishing itself as a leader in environmentally conscious design for the 21st Century.

GE Link Connected LED Bulbs

With GE Link, you can operate bulbs from anywhere, sync them with other smart products, program dims or highlights for the perfect setting, and automate lighting to fit your schedule.

Spotter Uniq

Using the Wink app and your home's Wi-Fi network, you can trigger other smart products to operate based on Spotter's detections-like thermostats, lights, garage doors, and more. Choose up to four sensors from six options: temperature, temperature and humidity, sound, light, passive infrared, accelerometer, or even a physical smart button to trigger smart devices and scenes.

Pump out the stain: Introducing... Dabber!

You've spilled a great deal of Cabernet on your gorgeous hand-knotted 17th century Persian rug and now you're condemned to an evening of blotting, blotting, blotting. Bummer! Fortunately, Dabber is here to save the evening from encroaching dreariness. Not only does this handy tool keep your hands


Twig is the smallest cord management system you or we will ever see, clipping discreetly onto the base of your headphone cable.

The light you listen to: Introducing... Lightcast!

Some products are born overachievers. A light bulb, speaker, and app-enabled intercom in one, Lightcast does everything short of Shiatsu massage. An inventive way to simplify your space, this LED light bulb features a powerful speaker built into its center, perfect for blasting all your favorite

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Habitrail of Tears

Seventh Avenue turns cute little hamsters into cute little outfits.

Simon vs. Simon

Loosely based on Simon Doonan's memoir of the same name, Beautiful People became an instant hit the moment it began airing on BBC 2 in October 2008. Camp as a row of tents, the series stars Luke Ward-Wilkinson as a sprightly 13-year-old Doonan (Samuel Barnett plays Simon in the present-day scenes) and revolves around his coming of age, rabid obsession with fashion, and the travails of his utterly eccentric family.

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Extra Cheese

At Home With David Copperfield

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Blood Simpler

Interview with Joel and Ethan Coen