Dehlia Mendenhall


Hello, my name is Dehlia and I am writer living in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2016 with a degree in English, minor in digital media.

I have 5+ years experience as a freelance writer, editor and sometimes photographer. My creative writing experience is even longer.

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Flagstaff Travel

Nestled in northern Arizona at an elevation of 6,000 feet is the city of Flagstaff

Deli Bean
Koreatown, Manhattan.

On my most recent trip to NYC, I ventured into a part of the city I have heard of, but never seen. It's a small stretch along 32nd street with Korean owned restaurants, stores, and hotels. Being a lover of Korean pop culture, particularly music and TV, it was a definite must-see on this particular trip.

Beyond Hallyu
K-pop and 1960's Americana: More alike than you think - Beyond Hallyu

The way that western pop culture has influenced the world is indisputable, and nowhere more apparent than in popular music. K-pop's roots are usually traced back to the iconic Seo Taiji & The Boys, who introduced a world of hip-hop, pop, and dance music not previously felt as strongly in South Korea.

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