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Deevra Norling

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Auto Insurance
5 Unusual Ways to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

By Deevra Norling Auto insurance is a must for drivers in the U.S. When shopping for a carrier, many drivers however only look for the lowest insurance premium and are unaware of further discounts they may qualify for. Here are five unusual car insurance discounts you may not know about.

Careers and Human Resources

How to Lead a Multigenerational Workforce

The workforce today spans three generations. This mix of generations is not without its problems. How can you overcome the difficulties and lead such a diverse workforce?

Career Addict
How to Handle PMS in the Workplace

PMS can impact badly on interpersonal relationships, productivity, and absenteeism in the workplace. How do you calm the choppy PMS waters and make it more smooth sailing?

Career Addict
The Myth of Job Security

Many people still believe that a full-time job is secure. Not so - job security is just an illusion. Find out why...


Travel Writing

Go 4 Travel Blog
Beale Street Music Festival Guide

In celebration of Beale Street's illustrious history is the Beale Street Music Festival, part of "Memphis in May," which attracts hoards of crowds each year.

Go 4 Travel Blog
Best Minnesota Hotels near the Waterways

Minnesota is called the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" (there are actually 11,842, to be exact) with plenty of hotels to choose from near lakes and rivers.

The Huffington Post
8 Tips For Easier Business Travel

Traveling can be downright exhausting. While some things like lost luggage and flight delays are unavoidable, there are things you can do to make frequent business travel less stressful.

Go 4 Travel Blog
Best New York Boutique Hotels

If location is more important to you than price, exploring New York with one of these five hotels as your base will be a breeze.

Go 4 Travel Blog
Boutique Hotels & Inns in Monterey

Monterey, along Central California's rugged Pacific coast, is the perfect haven for a seaside stopover. Find the perfect hotel when visiting scenic Monterey.

Go 4 Travel Blog
Hipmunk Hotels: Explore West Coast USA

The sunny West Coast of America with ocean, lakes and rugged mountains is the perfect region to explore West Coast USA with some outdoor adventures.

Go 4 Travel Blog
Hipmunk Hotels: From Salem's Cherry City to the Beaches of Waikoloa

From the scenic beauty of Washington and Oregon to the arid desert of Arizona and all the way over to the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii, the West Coast of the United States offers a diverse landscape and vacation for every type of traveler.

The Huffington Post
Interesting Places to Discover on a Texas Road Trip

With nearly 200,000 of lane miles and more than 50,000 bridges Texas has the biggest highway system in the United States. With this much road to cover, if you're a fan of the classic road trip there's a lot to discover in the Lone Star State.

Trendy Boutique Hotels in Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is an affluent seaside community in Los Angeles. It's the largest manmade small yacht harbor in the world and a popular vacation spot with an abundance of beach and water activities.

Relaxing Seaside Hotels in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a premier holiday destination and well-known for having a thriving art community. Enjoying the seven-mile long coastline is easy if you stay at one of these comfortable oceanfront hotels.

Great Family Friendly Hotels in Virginia Beach

Filled with sun, sand and surf Virginia Beach which lies just off the Atlantic Ocean is one of the best family holiday destinations.Here are 5 great family-friendly hotels to try.

Charming Rustic Hideaways in California

Most people head to California for a great beach holiday, but for those seeking a more secluded retreat, one of these five hideaways offer a more relaxing rustic experience.

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Seattle

Visiting the Emerald City? Here are five stylish boutique hotels to try the next time you visit the city of Seattle - each with their own unique feel but all offering the utmost comfort and luxury. Seattle in King County, Washington has a sound reputation for its coffee culture, booming craft beer industry, and chilled vibe.

Huffington Post
Have a Whale of a Time in Hermanus, South Africa!

Hermanus is a small seaside town along the southern coast of South Africa. But what Hermanus is most famous for is its giant guests who stop by once a year to frolic in the waters of Walker Bay.

Dead Curious
Surviving Graaff-Reinet

Travelling to out of the way places can be interesting! Graaff-Reinet is a small town in the Karoo, South Africa.


The Huffington Post
5 Pet Food Trends For Healthier Pets

Gone are the days of simply throwing a dog a bone or tossing out the scraps. These days pet food is gourmet, designer, and organic.


Newspaper and Magazine Articles


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Articles About Freelance Writing

Freelancer FAQs
What is Copywriting?

With the advent of the internet, the scope of copywriting has evolved to include all the new platforms that words are required for.

Freelancer FAQs
Can Being Likeable Boost My Business?

"People do business with people they like." Have you ever noticed how you keep going back to a particular service provider or business that may not necessarily be the best in their field, yet you return time after time?

Freelancer FAQs
How Can Networking Land Clients?

Marketing is not a task most writers look forward to. It is, however, a necessary evil. Getting out there is scary. But the importance of including networking in your marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough.

Journalism / News Stories

Blasting News
Air France bomb scare a false alarm

An Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris made an emergency landing at an airport in Mombasa, Kenya following a bomb scare on Sunday, December 20.

Blasting News
How a South African Negotiating Method Brought Quick Consensus to the Paris Climate Talks

Getting more than 190 countries to reach a uniform conclusion on an issue of such magnitude as the global response to the impact of climate change is no easy feat. Delegates who participated in the recent COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris had every reason to raise their hands in victory at having concluded such a huge task in so short a space of time.

Dead Curious
Kings of Chaos Rock Cape Town

"We are here for one reason and one reason only - to rock!" That's what Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top declared, and that's exactly what they did! The Kings of Chaos concert took South Africa by storm for the second year, much to the screaming delight of hundreds of rock fanatics!

Blog Articles

The Huffington Post
Money Is Not About Finances, It's About Emotions

A change in our financial situation starts with a change in how we think about money. Clearing out the negative thoughts about money will remove the blockages that are preventing money from flowing to us.

Dead Curious
What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter?

It always baffles me that people do not question things. They perpetuate certain 'traditions' simply because they grew up keeping it, their parents kept it, their grandparents kept it and so on.

Interviews and Expert Round-ups I've Been Included In

From my point of view

Think Simple Now
How I Found the Courage to Quit My Job

Guest Post on Think Simple Now - another personal development website. Amended version of the same story published previously on YourLifeYourWay.

Scoop Post
2012 US Presidential Election: An Outsider's Perspective

I am a South African who was visiting the US during the run-up to the 2012 elections. As an outsider looking in, I watched the debates with interest and wrote an opinion piece. I am no political expert and these were just my views.

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