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New York Food | Best Places to Eat in New York | British Airways

New York has it all - iconic restaurants, celeb chefs, culinary crazes, and a place on the cutting edge of food trends. New York and New Yorkers have been creating classic, category-defining dishes for decades. For newcomers and visitors, however, it can all seem a little daunting.

Fabulous Foodie
Sampling My Way Through the BBC Good Food Show

So - my first visit to the BBC Good Food Show (the Winter edition at the NEC in Birmingham) and I have to say I was not disappointed. I am often disappointed by much hyped HUGE events - but not this time.

BA - The Club - The Executive Club

The Club - a digital travel magazine for members of the British Airways Executive Club. Inspirational travel tips, ideas and hints on how to travel smarter, written by some of the world's best travel experts and celebrities

Greater Gotham Going Global
Curtain Bluff: Casually Elegant, Deeply Relaxing

I'm several weeks tardy in getting this review up and published but the truth is, I was almost immediately back to holiday planning mode as well as I got back. More on those trips another time (but here are some hints: France, Cunard, Grenada).

The Banburian
Micropubs: Small Space, Big Idea

Micropubs are popping up everywhere across the UK. The first one - The Butchers Arms near Herne Bay in Kent - opened in 2005, after changes in licensing regulations made it simpler to sell alcohol and allowed shops to become public houses - and 10 years later, there were over 200.

Local History is Awesome
Banbury's History of Prudes, Drunkards and Murderers

Banbury's a nice place to be, right? It's full of friendly people, lovely parks, and fun events like the Old Town Parties. Don't be fooled though, Banbury has hosted a millennium of strife, warfare and some horrible, horrible murders. ... and drunk people. Lots of drunk people.

Personal Parlance
Next Blog Post Written? Don't Publish Until You Do These 5 Things!

You've written your blog post. Congrats! You've tackled the toughest part of the process - getting it written. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. But wait! DON'T HIT 'PUBLISH' YET! What? Why not? Because you aren't done. There are a few more steps between getting it written and getting it out there.

Personal Parlance
5 Tips for Content Marketing Newbies

I've always tried to explain digital and content marketing in ways that non-marketers can understand. Jargon makes people nervous and puts them off. It makes them feel like things are too complicated for them. That isn't the type of relationship I want you to have with your content marketing.