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Deanna Brown


Location icon United States of America

I am a proud African American woman by the name Deanna Brown. I hope to inspire young women everywhere to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles they face. Though born on the East Coast of America, I identify as a West Coast lady. Living in California has shown me so many different cultures, ethnicities that are not always available where I am from. Though my family has various different branches, I am the youngest between my mother and father. Growing up as the baby, I looked up to my sister who was an amazing dancer and writer. She inspired me to dance, sing, and write at a very young age. She essentially molded my future goals in the entertainment industry. I am a proud mother to an amazing young man, who inspires me to continue and reach my goals because he deserves the very best. Before my son was born, I wanted to be a singer and dancer. Once he was born, I knew that I needed to do something different that would allow me the time to be with him daily. The reason being is that he became my goals and dreams, and the thought of missing out on his life is too much. I therefore decided to pursue Communications and Journalism because I have always had great communication skills and knew these could be put to good use. I love the journalism aspect because I am naturally inquisitive. I found that in today’s society, there a few African American journalists, as well as African Americans being portrayed negatively in the media. I hope to one day help change this for the betterment of all. I am currently an Enrollment Services Advisor for an online University, which allows me to meet people from all different walks of life, discuss their goals, and ultimately help them help themselves to achieve their goals. As mentioned before, I hope to inspire young women to continue their education and pursue their dreams, but I also inspire to do the same for anyone I come in contact with.

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