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Dana recently completed a Master's degree in Environmental Law & Policy with a certificate in Climate Law from Vermont Law School. Prior to attending VLS she worked as a reporter at several weekly newspapers and as a freelance environmental journalist. She has also interned at the Worldwatch Institute, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Schumacher Center for a New Economics, Center for EcoTechnology, EcoLogic Development Fund,, and YES! Magazine.

At a time when both the media and the environment are under attack by the new presidential administration, and when the market for environmental journalism is dwindling, Dana is determined to use her sharp writing and reporting skills and her knowledge of environmental issues to defy "alternative facts" and keep the public informed. Topics of specialization include climate change, clean energy, and citizen activism.


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Climate Liability News
Big banks can block shareholder climate proposals, SEC rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently allowed two large banks to block a shareholder proposal addressing the climate impact of the banks' investment portfolios. The proposal requested that Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo reduce the carbon footprint of their loan and investment portfolios to align with the Paris Climate Agreement's goal of holding global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Climate Liability News
N.H. town passes law recognizing right to a healthy climate

The town of Exeter, N.H. passed an ordinance recognizing the right to a healthy climate, the second ordinance of its kind to be passed in the U.S,. The law, dubbed the Right to Healthy Climate Ordinance, recognizes the "right to a healthy climate system capable of sustaining human societies."

Climate Liability News
Exxon must face suit over climate risks to Mass. facility, judge rules

A federal judge denied ExxonMobil's motion to dismiss multiple climate change-related claims brought by Conservation Law Foundation. The foundation's lawsuit, filed in 2016, alleges that Exxon violated the permit requirements for its oil storage terminal in Everett, Mass. by failing to consider the risk of imminent extreme weather events like flooding and storm surge.

Climate Liability News
Democratic AGs vow to continue to fight Trump's climate rollbacks

Following the release of a new report that warns of the dire consequences of the Trump administration's rollback of environmental protections, four Democratic state attorneys general vowed to continue fighting those rollbacks in court. The AGs of Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut spoke on Tuesday about their states' commitment to protecting the climate and the health of their citizens.

Climate Liability News
More than a dozen groups file briefs supporting kids climate suit

More than a dozen groups filed friend-of-the-court briefs to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the landmark youth climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States . The wide support came from businesses, members of Congress, environmental groups and environmental law organizations, environmental historians, law professors and international lawyers, the libertarian think tank Niskanen Center, public health experts, and religious and women's groups.

Climate Liability News
House hearing on climate denial fizzles, but testimony shows its damage

A Congressional hearing on how corporations have manipulated science and peddled denial campaigns to the public ended before it began on Tuesday when the Republican committee chair moved to adjourn the session and not enough supportive Democrats were in attendance to defeat the motion. Rep.

Climate Liability News
Coal company bows to investor pressure on climate, vows to curtail mining

One of the world's largest mining and natural resource companies announced it will limit coal production to reduce carbon emissions in response to investors who pushed the company to commit to a transition to a low-carbon economy. Glencore, a multinational mining company based in Switzerland, announced its plans after discussions with ...

Climate Liability News
Judge tosses Penn. case, challenges legal merit of kids climate cases

A federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a climate lawsuit brought by an environmental organization and two children against the federal government. The lawsuit, Clean Air Council v. United States , claimed that Trump administration rollbacks of environmental regulations and other "anti-science" decisions violate Constitutional rights and the public trust.

Climate Liability News
Youth climate movement gains steam, rallies behind landmark U.S. case

As students stage school walkouts in Europe to demand action on climate change-including more than 10,000 joining one strike in Great Britain last Friday-thousands of kids in the U.S. have signed a petition to support the 21 young people suing the federal government over climate change.

Climate Liability News
Oil companies fighting NYC climate suit ignore liability issue

The five oil and gas companies sued by New York City last year over climate change-related damages doubled down on their argument that courts should not be in the business of regulating global warming. They argued their case anew in a brief they filed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals last week.

Climate Liability News
Rhode Island argues to keep its climate suit in state court

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The latest installment in the debate over whether climate liability suits should be heard in federal or state court took place Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Rhode Island. The hearing dealt with a motion to remand to state court a case filed last July by Rhode Island against 21 oil and gas companies seeking damages from climate change-related impacts.

Climate Liability News
Ninth Circuit nominee has history of defending Big Oil in liabiilty cases

An attorney who has defended the oil industry in high-profile climate and environmental cases, including the current crop of climate liability lawsuits, has been nominated by President Trump to fill a vacancy on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Daniel P.

Climate Liability News
States, organizations, scientists urge keeping climate suits in state court

Eight briefs were filed on Wednesday in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the California communities trying to keep their climate liability lawsuits against fossil fuel companies in state court. The friend-of-the-court briefs came from government groups, two advocacy organizations, prominent climate scientists, academics who study climate deception and U.S.

Climate Liability News
Staggering wildfire costs could sink California's largest utility

Facing billions of dollars in damage costs and numerous lawsuits for its role in sparking devastating wildfires in northern California, the state's largest utility is now exploring options to avoid financial ruin, including a possible bankruptcy filing . But while Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Climate Liability News
Climate costs of 2018: Top 10 disasters cost $85 billion

With 2018 having just drawn to a close, some organizations have begun to tally the staggering climate-related costs of a year featuring severe drought, heat, fires, floods and storms around the world. Ten of the biggest disasters cost at least in total damages, according to a recent report by the United Kingdom-based organization Christian Aid.

Climate Liability News
2018 in climate liability: When a trend became a wave

Climate liability lawsuits exploded onto the world stage in 2018-a year that began with New York City suing five oil majors and ended with France facing a potential lawsuit for failing to make climate progress and the European Parliament announcing a probe into ExxonMobil's decades-long climate misinformation campaign.

Climate Liability News
France, home of the Paris Agreement, sued for lack of climate progress

Amid increasingly urgent warnings that the world is nowhere close to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, several nonprofit organizations initiated legal action this week against France, the nation that hosted the climate negotiations that produced the landmark agreement in 2015.

Climate Liability News
Miami aims to protect low-income residents from climate displacement

As Miami struggles to plan for the impact of rising seas, its City Commission has taken the unusually forward-looking step of trying to protect low-income residents from being forced out of their higher-elevation neighborhoods by wealthier people fleeing their coastal properties.

Climate Liability News
Latest youth-led climate lawsuit launched against Canada

Canada is likely to be the next national government to face a climate lawsuit launched by young people. ENvironnement JEUnesse (ENJEU), a Quebec-based environmental education group, on Monday that it had applied for authorization for the class action suit.

Climate Liability News
Vanuatu, tiny Pacific island, could file first national climate suit

Officials in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu said they are considering suing fossil fuel companies and nations that support the industry for their role in climate change, which presents an existential threat to low-lying nations. If Vanuatu does sue, it would be the first climate liability lawsuit by a national government.

Climate Liability News
Commercial fishermen latest to sue oil companies for climate impacts

A group of commercial fishermen are joining the legal fight against the fossil fuel industry for its role in climate change. A new lawsuit by the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations ( ), the West Coast's largest commercial fishing association, was filed on Wednesday in California state court.

Climate Liability News
As wildfires rage, California faces the next reckoning: Costs

As major wildfires once again rage across California, fueled by extended drought and a warming climate, the immediate danger to life and property are almost certain to be followed by financial crises facing homeowners, insurers and even the state's utilities as the costs skyrocket.

Climate Liability News
Why a Supreme Court ruling on lead paint could impact climate cases

On the surface, a liability verdict involving lead paint poisoning might not seem like it has much to do with climate change, but a recent Supreme Court decision has legal experts drawing some important parallels. When the California Supreme Court refused to take up the companies' appeal , in February, the companies appealed to the U.S.

Koch Industries Lobbies Against Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Koch Industries is calling for the elimination of tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs), all while claiming that it does not oppose plug-in cars and inviting the elimination of oil and gas subsidies that the petroleum conglomerate and its industry peers receive.

Climate Liability News
Judge agrees to divest from Exxon before New York climate fraud case

A New York judge agreed to sell his stock in ExxonMobil to resolve a potential conflict of interest flagged by the New York attorney general's office after it filed its lawsuit alleging the oil giant misled investors over climate change risk.

Climate Liability News
Big Oil wins big on election day, defeating carbon fee, fracking restrictions

The fossil fuel industry succeeded on several fronts in Tuesday's midterm elections: working to defeat two major ballot measures it opposed in Washington and Colorado and keeping a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, which controls judicial appointments that will be steering the climate liability suits the industry is facing.

Climate Liability News
Alaska judge dismisses youth climate suit vs. state government

A judge in Alaska has dismissed a youth-led climate change case against the state's government. The lawsuit alleged that the state's pro-fossil fuel energy policy exacerbates climate change and violates the young plaintiffs' constitutional rights.

Climate Liability News
German government faces lawsuit over its failure to meet climate goals

Three families in Germany are suing their government hoping to compel it to cut carbon emissions as it has promised, joining a growing trend of citizens worldwide taking legal action against national governments over insufficient climate policies. Greenpeace Germany filed the lawsuit last week on the families' behalf.

Climate Liability News
French communities demand climate action from oil giant Total

The French cities and organizations challenging Total say that its vigilance plan is inadequate and does not meet the legal requirements. In the letter, they write that Total's plan "does not reflect the reality of the impacts of your activities and the risks of serious damage to the climate system that they induce."

Climate Liability News
Trump administration again asks Supreme Court to stop kids climate case

The federal government is asking the Supreme Court once again to intervene and halt proceedings in the youth climate change lawsuit Juliana v. United States . The landmark case is set to go to trial at the federal district court in Eugene, Ore., in less than two weeks.

Climate Liability News
Courts will play key role in addressing climate crisis, experts say

NEW YORK-A worldwide movement seeking relief and accountability for the impacts of human-driven climate change through the courts has taken flight over the past year, and while none of the experts who spoke about the issue on on two panels in New York City said it would solve the climate crisis on ...

Climate Liability News
California climate assessment begins tallying huge costs ahead

When California released its Fourth Climate Change Assessment last week, it contained an alarming, comprehensive list of impacts the state will absorb, including rising temperatures, more severe drought and wildfires, declining snowpack, more heavy precipitation, rising sea levels and perhaps most alarming: up to two-thirds of Southern California beaches are at risk of complete erosion by 2100 without large-scale human intervention.

Climate Liability News
Hawaii begins to tally costs, contemplate a future of extreme rain

As Hawaii begins to clean up and assess the damage from Hurricane Lane, which dumped more than 40 inches of rain on the islands to become one of the wettest storms in U.S. history , the state is wrestling with what may be its new, wetter reality.

A Koch-Fueled Attack on Electric Buses Picks up Speed

Electric buses are replacing existing diesel-fueled fleets at an accelerating rate, and the transition to battery-powered buses is outpacing even the most optimistic projections. In this light, it should come as little surprise that commentators and organizations with ties to the Koch network and

Climate Liability News
Climate case gets green light from European Union court

By Dana Drugmand A lawsuit dubbed the People's Climate Case, which challenges the European Union's 2030 emissions reduction target and other climate policies, was given the green light by a court on Monday and is moving forward. The European General Court accepted the case brought by 10 families from Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Kenya and Fiji and a youth association in Sweden.

Climate Liability News
Costs of extreme heat are huge, but hard to quantify

Understanding those costs, however, is crucial for cities and states trying to protect their residents from climate impacts. They are working to calculate the toll of extreme heat, from decreasing outdoor worker productivity, to crop failures, cancelled flights and students' decreasing ability to learn.

Climate Liability News
Despite two dismissals, climate liability lawsuits only just getting started

When two federal judges dismissed climate liability lawsuits by San Francisco, Oakland and New York City, it wasn't the end of the road for those suits or others of their kind. But it did highlight the importance to the cities of having these kinds of cases tried in state court.

Climate Liability News
Supreme Court refuses to halt kids climate case

The Supreme Court the federal government's request to halt discovery and the trial in the youth climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States . The court's rejection on Monday of the defendants' application for a stay means the case will likely proceed to trial as scheduled in U.S.

Climate Liability News
New York City climate suit dismissed by federal judge

A federal judge ruled in favor of five major oil companies on Thursday, dismissing New York City's climate liability lawsuit against them. U.S. District Judge John Keenan's ruling marks the second major victory for the fossil fuel companies fighting these climate suits in federal court.

Climate Liability News
Federal judge to rule on latest government challenge to youth climate suit

A federal judge heard arguments on Wednesday from Department of Justice attorneys on their latest motions to sidetrack the youth-led climate change lawsuit Juliana v. United States . U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken listened to oral arguments and said she would rule promptly on two motions to dismiss considered at the hearing.

Climate Liability News
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to halt kids climate case

The federal government has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the landmark youth climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States that is scheduled for trial in October. The Department of Justice filed an application Tuesday seeking to halt discovery and trial, including an administrative stay on proceedings.

Climate Liability News
Kennedy retirement: Bad for the climate, potential boost to climate liability?

While the immediate reaction to the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy among environmental activists this week fell somewhere between panic and alarm , the implications of what is certain to be a more conservative Supreme Court on the climate liability movement fall into a grayer area.

Climate Liability News
Federal judge dismisses San Francisco, Oakland climate suits

A federal judge in California has dismissed the San Francisco and Oakland climate liability lawsuits against five major oil companies, dealing the first major blow to the wave of climate suits that have been filed by communities across the country over the past year. U.S.

Climate Liability News
In latest climate suit, families demand tougher EU climate action

A new lawsuit is challenging the European Union's climate policies, including the EU's 2030 emissions reduction target, and demanding more ambitious climate action to protect human rights. The case was filed on May 24 in European General Court in Luxembourg. Defendants are the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

Climate Liability News
Denier-led website targets climate suits, calls them a 'modern witch hunt'

The latest effort to push back against the growing wave of climate liability lawsuits was launched earlier this month by several attorneys aligned with the climate-denial movement. Their project, Climate Litigation Watch , promises transparency and an "objective record of litigation related to climate change."

Climate Liability News
Battle lines drawn for New York climate lawsuit vs. Big Oil

Oil companies, already busy fending off lawsuits from several California communities, have filed opposition to a similar suit from New York City. Chevron, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil filed a memorandum of law last week, arguing to dismiss New York's climate liability lawsuit.

Climate Liability News
Latest climate change lawsuit against Big Oil comes from Seattle

King County, Wash., which encompasses the metropolitan area of Seattle, filed a against five major oil companies on Wednesday, joining a growing list of cities and counties seeking to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the impacts of climate change.

Climate Liability News
State defends youth lawsuit: 'Alaska is not causing climate change.'

In defending Alaska against charges by a group of youth plaintiffs that the state is violating their Constitutional right to a safe climate, the state's assistant attorney general declared on Monday, "Alaska is not destroying the environment. Alaska is not causing climate change."

Climate Liability News
Colorado communities file climate lawsuits vs. two oil companies

Several Colorado communities have now joined the growing wave of municipalities taking legal action against fossil fuel companies and seeking compensation for the impacts of climate change. The city and county of Boulder and the county of San Miguel on Tuesday announced a new lawsuit against ExxonMobil and Suncor , two of the largest oil companies with active operations in Colorado.

Climate Liability News
Sea level rise poses huge threat to Calif., raising urgency of liability cases

As fossil fuel companies try to fend off climate liability lawsuits from coastal California communities, a recent study revealed some alarming flood projections for the San Francisco Bay Area, bolstering the communities' argument that rising seas pose imminent harm. The looked at land subsidence, or land that is sinking, which exacerbates flooding risk as sea levels rise.

Climate Liability News
SEC gives Exxon a pass on climate proposal, but not Chevron

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently responded to shareholder resolutions sent to Chevron and ExxonMobil requesting the oil companies disclose how they plan to align their business models with a low-carbon economy. While the SEC said Exxon could dismiss the proposal, it came to a different conclusion for Chevron, saying Chevron must submit it for consideration at its upcoming shareholder meeting.

Climate Liability News
Three California climate suits sent back to state court

By Dana Drugmand A federal judge sent a set of California climate liability lawsuits back to state court on Friday. The decision, by U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, conflicts with Judge William Alsup's order in late February denying remand for similar lawsuits brought by Oakland and San Francisco.

Fracking causes extensive environmental, health, safety harms, new study warns

Dana Drugmand In December, acclaimed biologist and anti-fracking activist Sandra Steingraber visited the Berkshires and spoke about the health and climate impacts of fracked gas and pipelines. Now, Steingraber and other health professionals have issued a stark warning that unconventional oil and gas drilling is causing serious health and safety hazards.

Climate Liability News
Landmark kids climate case will head toward trial, judges rule

By Dana Drugmand The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Trump administration's attempt to sidetrack the Juliana v. United States youth climate case on Wednesday, denying the government's writ of mandamus request and allowing the landmark lawsuit to proceed toward trial .

Climate Liability News
Citizens sue to hold UK government accountable for climate goals

By Dana Drugmand Joining a growing global trend to demand governments protect their citizens from climate catastrophe, a group in the United Kingdom has sued the government for failing to take ambitious action on climate change. A group of 11 plaintiffs ranging in age from 9 to 79 filed a lawsuit in the UK's High Court in December supported by the nonprofit Plan B.

Berkshire summit plots transition to 100 percent renewable energy

Pittsfield - State and local officials, business leaders and environmental advocates gathered at Berkshire Community College on Monday to discuss steps to transition to 100 percent renewable energy. The Berkshires 100 Percent Renewable Energy Summit is part of a collaborative statewide conversation focusing on achieving a swift, just and complete transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Climate Liability News
San Francisco, Oakland climate cases to stay in federal court, judge rules

By Dana Drugmand In the first of two expected decisions on whether to send the California climate liability lawsuits back to state court, a federal district judge sided with the fossil fuel defendants in keeping the San Francisco and Oakland cases in federal court.

Climate Liability News
In California climate cases, jurisdictional battle takes center stage

By Dana Drugmand California counties and cities suing the fossil fuel industry for climate damage are fighting back against the industry's attempts to move their cases from state to federal court, a jurisdictional tug-of-war likely crucial to the cases' success. In two separate hearings in mid-February, two U.S.

Climate Liability News
Tax windfall for oil industry adds insult to injury for Puerto Rico

When the House and Senate finally agreed to a longer-term spending package last week, it approved nearly $90 billion in disaster relief to the parts of the country devastated by hurricanes and wildfires last year, ending a months-long struggle to help communities recover.

Climate Liability News
As San Francisco, Oakland press climate cases, a legal nod to Kivalina

By Dana Drugmand When a remote native Alaskan village could find no other relief from damaging coastal storms and erosion that continuously swallowed its land, it filed a nuisance lawsuit against major energy producers and carbon emitters in federal court. That 2008 suit, Native Village of Kivalina v. ExxonMobil et al.

Climate Liability News
Chevron wants more companies blamed in climate liability cases

By Dana Drugmand Chevron Corp., one of the defendants in a batch of climate change nuisance lawsuits by communities in California, contends that the suits are meritless, but just in case the company is deemed liable for carbon pollution, the Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil to shoulder some of the liability burden.

Climate Liability News
Climate liability cases 'as American as apple pie,' experts argue

By Dana Drugmand From severe droughts and recent mega-wildfires to melting snowpack and coastal flooding, climate change impacts are already devastating the state of California. Now, the Golden State is at the forefront of new climate liability lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry-litigation that has begun to change the conversation about how climate change should be addressed.

Climate Liability News
Exxon launches legal retaliation for California climate suits

ExxonMobil is pushing back against a wave of climate liability lawsuits in California seeking to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for climate change impacts. In a filed Monday in a Texas district court, the company claims the suits amount to a conspiracy aimed to undermine the company's First Amendment rights and coerce it into shifting its stance on climate change.

Climate Liability News
Hawaii joins trend: court recognizes constitutional right to a safe climate

By Dana Drugmand Hawaii's highest court took an important step in December to hold the state's agencies accountable for transitioning away from fossil fuels as it affirmed the state's constitutional right to a clean environment. The ruling cheered environmental activists at the end of an otherwise stressful year.

Climate Liability News
California climate lawsuits: different strategies, same goal

By Dana Drugmand When the counties of Marin and San Mateo, along with the City of Imperial Beach, filed lawsuits against more than three dozen fossil fuel companies over the impacts of climate change, they jumped to the forefront of a movement to turn to the courts for climate relief.

Through HeatSmart Great Barrington offering affordable green energy home heating options

Great Barrington - As winter and its freezing temperatures set in, town residents have a unique opportunity to engage in a home heating program that is both cheaper and greener.\ Great Barrington is one of four community grantees statewide selected to participate in the first round of HeatSmart Mass - a community-based education and group purchasing program for clean heating and cooling technologies.

Climate Liability News
Trade group gears up to discredit climate liability movement

By Dana Drugmand In response to a growing wave of climate change lawsuits and legal investigations attempting to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for climate consequences and decades of deception, a large industry trade group is now fervently pushing back with an "accountability" initiative of its own.

Ecologist Sandra Steingraber to speak on fracked gas, PCBs, and our health Saturday in Lenox

Lenox -- Acclaimed author, biologist, cancer survivor, and environmental activist Sandra Steingraber is slated to speak on environmental toxins and human health this Saturday, December 2 starting at 5 p.m. at Lenox Memorial High School. Dr. Steingraber's talk will specifically address local environmental concerns surrounding fracked gas, PCB contamination, and how these impact our health.

Climate Liability News
Evidence backs fossil fuel companies' climate liability, study says

By Dana Drugmand Research has boosted the concepts of climate liability and corporate accountability in recent years from pie-in-the-sky theories to plausible underpinnings for litigation. Now, a synthesizing this research concludes there is solid evidentiary basis for holding fossil fuel companies accountable for climate change.

Climate Liability News
How will Puerto Rico, drowning in debt, pay to rebuild?

By Dana Drugmand One month after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico-the worst storm to hit the island in more than 80 years-human suffering continues amid a deepening debt crisis. With hurricane recovery costs alone estimated to reach as high as $95 billion , with an estimated 80 percent of the island still without power and 30 percent without clean water, the question of where that money comes from remains unanswered.

REVIEW: Al Gore returns with 'An Inconvenient Sequel,' seeking solutions to climate meltdown

Williamstown - Speak truth to power. That's the message conveyed by the latest climate change documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. As the title implies, the film is a follow-up to the award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006). That's right, former vice president Al Gore is back at it, relentlessly raising awareness of the existential crisis that is global warming.

Green Energy Times
State Clean Energy Funds: A Driving Force in Renewables Deployment for Over a Decade

A Driving Force in Renewables Deployment for Over a Decade Long before the current emphasis on sub-national leadership in advancing clean energy, some states had created funds dedicated to supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy development. In 2002, a new national nonprofit organization emerged to coordinate and assist these clean energy funds.

Clean Energy States Alliance - Member News
Advancing Clean Energy: 15 Years of State Leadership

As the federal government has retreated from aggressive support for renewable energy, the states are increasingly seen as the locus for innovation and action. New regional and national coalitions of states have emerged to coordinate some of the states' efforts.

Ratepayers shocked by proposed 27 percent electric rate hike

Dana Drugmand Pittsfield - Elected officials, business representatives, facilities directors, working-class advocates and environmentalists were among the range of people speaking out Tuesday night (August 1) against a proposed electric rate hike requested by Eversource Energy.

Green Energy Times
Tax Reform and Climate Action:

Starting the Conversation By Dana Drugmand On yet another record-breaking warm day in April, a group of Vermonters gathered on the lawn in front of Capstone Community Action in Barre, many holding signs that read "Tax Reform and Climate Action.

Judge Won't Dismiss Youth Climate Lawsuit; Stage Set for Historic Trial

As global temperature continues to rise -- with 2016 slated to set a new high for the third consecutive year -- young climate activists are rising to the occasion and breaking new legal ground. Finally, a landmark youth-led climate change lawsuit may move forward to trial.

The Leap
EmPOWERing Communities: Renewable Energy Co-ops Drive Local Investment And Ownership | The Leap

Citizens are increasingly standing up and fighting back against dirty energy projects across the country, from the Gateway Pacific coal terminal in western Washington to the Northeast Energy Direct gas pipeline in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. But some are taking it a step further by engaging in clean energy development at the local, grassroots level.

Cap on solar energy stymies Berkshire clean energy projects

Dana Drugmand PITTSFIELD - Solar industry supporters, local officials and environmental advocates are calling on Massachusetts' legislators to act immediately to raise the caps on the state's solar net metering program. "There's a cap on the total amount of solar power eligible for net metering, and in March the cap was hit for towns served by National Grid, including many towns in the Berkshires.

Earth Island Journal
Aspen Poised to Move to 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

Cities around the country are turning to wind, solar, and hydropower to meet energy needs When it comes to going green, the real action appears to be happening in cities. Georgetown, Texas, recently announced plans to source 100 percent of its electricity from renewable wind and solar power within two years.

Fossil fuel divestment movement attempts to gain steam - at Harvard, Williams

CAMBRIDGE - As the planet continues to warm, activists pushing for fossil fuel divestment are turning up the heat. College students have been organizing sit-ins and occupying their universities' administrative buildings demanding justice and a reconsideration from university officials to answer the call to divest.

'Pipeline Pilgrimage' called attention to climate crisis

DALTON - Kinder Morgan's proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) gas pipeline has garnered widespread opposition locally and across the region. In response a group of young faith leaders and concerned citizens mobilized an effort to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change and the need to refocus our attention away from destructive fossil fuel expansion and towards a more sustainable, cleaner energy future.

Cape Wind proponents rally for renewable energy future

Dana Drugmand BOSTON - Hundreds turned out on the Boston Commons on the last day of February to rally support for Cape Wind and call on utility companies to reinstate their contracts to purchase clean power and jumpstart the offshore wind industry in the U.S.

Massachusetts activists call for end to fossil fuel investments

Editor's Note: Last week, the Great Barrington Selectboard began consideration of a measure that would divest the town's pension fund of its holdings in fossil fuel companies. Across Massachusetts there is a growing movement for just such a divestment.

Kinder Morgan ramps up pipeline PR pitch

PITTSFIELD - Kinder Morgan, the Texas-based multibillion dollar company seeking to build a high-pressure fracked gas pipeline through western Massachusetts, held a community open house last Tuesday night, February 10, at Berkshire Community College. Representatives from Tennessee Gas, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, were on hand to answer questions about the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline.

Clean energy advocates unifying opposition to $5 billion pipeline

Pittsfield - As opposition to Kinder Morgan's $5 billion dollar Northeast Energy Direct gas pipeline project continues to mount regionally, a group of local activists is pushing to unite communities across Berkshire County to stand against fossil fuel infrastructure expansion and to promote a clean energy future. On Saturday, Jan.

State delays release of controversial review of future state energy needs

Dana Drugmand Boston - The release of the highly anticipated, state-commissioned energy study that will serve as a blueprint for determining the need for additional natural gas infrastructure, such as the $5 billion high-pressure Northeast Direct (NED) pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan, has been unexpectedly postponed. Slated for release on Dec.

New route; same Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline

Washington, Mass. - This past Monday (December 8) Kinder Morgan, the firm behind the proposed multi-billion dollar Northeast Energy Direct natural gas line, updated its pre-filing application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee to reflect a new preferred route alongside existing power lines in western Massachusetts.

YES! Magazine
Matt Damon, Harrison Ford Lead All-Star Cast in Showtime Climate Change Series

Since climate change is the single biggest issue facing humanity, it deserves serious attention. If we're to preserve the planet we call home, it's time to go big. That's the thinking behind Years of Living Dangerously, a nine-part documentary series that uses blockbuster Hollywood storytelling techniques to hammer home the climate change message.

The Real Inconvenient Truth: Capitalism clashes with climate action

Dana Drugmand Cambridge, Mass. - Last month's historic People's Climate mobilization signaled to world leaders that citizens all over the globe were demanding urgent and bold action to address the unfolding threat of climate change. But will our leaders respond to the people's plea?

YES! Magazine
Stanford's Coal Divestment: Meet 2 Students-And 1 President-Who Made It Happen

Stanford University student Erica Knox went to see Bill McKibben's "Do the Math" tour in November 2012. That's when McKibben and launched a divestment movement to address climate change and challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry. Knox has been involved with divestment group Fossil Free Stanford ever since.

Other Reporting

The Berkshire Edge
Progressive movements conference calls for unity to confront contemporary crises

Boston - "We have been drawn together by a sense that there is danger in the air," Rev. Karlene Griffiths Sekou remarked in the opening of her afternoon keynote address Saturday, November 17. She addressed an audience of more than 100 gathered at Simmons University for a progressive organizing event titled "The Next Two Years and Beyond: A Movement Building Conference."

Published Op-eds

Climate Home News
Court cases will expose Big Oil's hypocrisy on climate change

In court, oil majors say climate action is a matter for governments; outside it, they lobby against climate policies. They can't have it both ways By Dana Drugmand So far eleven cities and counties across the US have filed lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry seeking compensation for climate impacts.

Common Dreams
Time to Hold Petroleum Perpetrators Accountable for Climate Damage

"We'll see you in court." That's the message New York City recently sent to the industry recklessly destabilizing Earth's climate. In announcing a new lawsuit against five of the largest corporate oil companies, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "It's time for Big Oil to take responsibility for the devastation they have wrought."

Common Dreams
Charlottesville, Oppression, and the Imperative of System Change

We are living in deeply troubling times. Our democracy is eroding, wealth and income inequality has skyrocketed, and tragedy and violence seemingly erupt daily around the world. The recent events in Charlottesville, VA are just the latest reminder of the disturbing place we find ourselves in.

The Energy Collective
5 Ways States Are Accelerating Renewable Energy - The Energy Collective

Many of the initiatives to move our energy system towards clean, renewable power emanate from the state and local levels. A few cities have already reached the 100 percent clean energy mark, with many more committing to eventually meet that standard. State policies and programs, meanwhile, have been instrumental in furthering the renewable energy revolution.

Advancing Clean Energy at the State Level - An Imperative

In the wake of President Trump's recent decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, one thing seems abundantly clear, and that is that the role of states in advancing clean energy becomes even more important. Now more than ever, policies and programs to promote sustainable energy resources will come from the state level.

Dana Drugmand: Placing a price on carbon pollution - VTDigger

Commentary Editor's note: This commentary is by Dana Drugmand, of South Royalton, who recently completed an internship with the Vermont Natural Resources Council in the Energy and Climate Action program. She will graduate this month from Vermont Law School with a master's degree in environmental law and policy.

With carbon tax Massachusetts could curb fossil fuel dependency

Tomorrow, on April 29, tens of thousands of people will gather in cities across the country in the latest installment of the People's Climate March. We will be marching in protest of the Trump administration's antagonistic climate agenda and also in support of grassroots sustainability work grounded in principles of economic, environmental and social justice.

Dana Drugmand: Clean energy economy more important than ever - VTDigger

Commentary Editor's note: This commentary is by Dana Drugmand, a graduate student at Vermont Law School pursing a master's degree in environmental law and policy. She is currently interning with the Vermont Natural Resources Council in the Energy and Climate Action program.

A New Strategy to Address Climate Change: Suing for Community Rights

" No Short-Term Fix for California Methane Leak"; " How Tap Water Became Toxic in Flint, Michigan"; " Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries." If these recent headlines are any indication, environmental woes are mounting despite decades of attempts to reverse ecological devastation.

The Fight of Our Lives: Millennials Must Lead Call for Climate Justice

As I write this, Pacific Islanders in Vanuatu are left picking up the pieces after the worst natural disaster in recent memory ripped through the region. Vanuatu's president referred to Cyclone Pam as a "monster," a storm that singlehandedly leveled the capital city leaving at least sixteen confirmed dead and countless others displaced.

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