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Marat Khusnutdinov is playing an even better game in the KHL - EP Rinkside
Marat Khusnutdinov is playing an even better game in the KHL - EP Rinkside

Some players make a scout's job easy. Marat Khusnutdinov is one of them. The Elite Prospects team didn't necessarily all share the same view of the prospect in his draft year. Some valued his package of skills more than others, but there was no debate on what those skills were.

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The Montreal Canadiens are creating their own magic

Somehow, even as the Montreal Canadiens were getting heavily outshot in the first two periods of Game 3, I didn't feel worried for them. Of course, they didn't look like they had a strong grip on victory, but it didn't seem to be slipping away. The Habs looked almost comfortable under the barrage of shots.

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How NHL teams use off-puck spacing to generate offence (VIDEOS)

Spacing is a term more often heard in other sports, but even if hockey has its own particularities, the concept remains crucial to offence. The more attackers you bring in an area, the more defenders will follow, making it hard to create meaningful plays. Spacing aims to counteract this.

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Claude Julien can improve the Canadiens' system with one of Barry Trotz's tricks

Sparky the Dragon has been the mascot of the New York Islanders for a while now. While the current playing style of the team under Barry Trotz, its defensive tendencies, and the way the Isles protect the vital slot, might lead NHL fans to call for the replacement of old Sparky with a great big turtle, the winged mascot fits the new direction of the organization well.

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Defining Hockey Sense: Why the puck seems to follow Nick Suzuki

''He is always around the puck." Since the start of training camp, we have heard variations of this saying for Nick Suzuki. It's a common way to describe hockey players, especially smart ones. Those players seem to have an unfair advantage; they get more puck touches inside a shift and the play runs through them.