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Speed of process matters in mortgages | Guaranteed Rate

In today's business environment, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of creating efficiencies-both for the customer and the business itself. Harnessing efficiencies enables improved workflows and a smoother experience for customers. When you're efficient, you get more done, you solve more problems and you have more time left over to pursue your dreams-or the next item on your to-do list.

Bringing eClose to military families | Guaranteed Rate

While cutting-edge technology has long played a role in the real estate and mortgage industries, customers are increasingly elated at the prospects of a more potent and personalized lending experience. Given the complexity of the modern homebuying process, certain lenders are actively prioritizing the borrower's journey, finding new and innovative ways to reduce headaches, eliminate friction and provide much-needed convenience.

AI is increasingly influencing the mortgage process | Guaranteed Rate

Mortgages, and specifically the mortgage industry, have come a long way over the years. What once was manual, is now digital. What previously moved at the pace of 9-5 now moves at the speed of light. What was once business as usual is now in the business of bold ideas.

Cities and suburbs compete for homebuyers | Guaranteed Rate

Classic rivalries have always existed: Hatfields vs. McCoys, Army vs. Navy, Beatles vs. Stones. Some of it's playful, some of it's stone cold serious. The last two years have made it clear that another old rivalry-Suburbs vs. Cities-is still very much a thing, especially when it comes to housing.

Women Continue to Prioritize Homeownership | Guaranteed Rate

In the housing sector, new homebuying demographics don't usually emerge overnight; convincing patterns in ownership typically require a span of many months, even years to become evident. That said, once these patterns are detected, vetted and shared, they have the power to reveal who's really driving American homeownership.

Buying a home today still makes sense | Guaranteed Rate

Sir Issac Newton's groundbreaking theories on gravity have had profound implications for generations of humans. Ask any casual student of science. The manifestations of his discovery are everywhere, affecting our lives in both seen and unseen ways. But one question remains: Does Newton's famous axiom, "What goes up, must come down" apply to the housing market?

Gateless: Next-Gen Mortgage Solutions

How emerging fintech company Gateless is providing powerful solutions for the mortgage industry by leveraging AI and smart automation.

How to Calculate Interest on A Loan | Interest Rate Formula | Guaranteed Rate

Without assuming too much historical knowledge, it's a fair bet that many of us recall that famous Ben Franklin proverb from the early days of our republic: "Nothing is certain in life except death, taxes and paying interest to your mortgage provider." OK, perhaps he didn't say that last part.

FNMA: What is Fannie Mae | How Fannie Mae Loans Work | Guaranteed Rate

Americans are fortunate to live in a country where the abiding forces of government in partnership with the private sector strongly believe in and advocate for homeownership. It's not only a cornerstone of the American Dream, but the leading way to build and preserve generational wealth.

Should I Refinance My Mortgage Now? | Refi Now | Guaranteed Rate

There is a distinct possibility that years from now we'll look back at 2020 and early 2021 as the golden era of refinancing, a relatively brief period where national average interest rates plunged well below 3% and many homeowners were able to cut mortgage payments by thousands of dollars a year* through a simple refi.

What is SOFR? Secured Overnight Financing Rate | Guaranteed Rate

While talk of index rates is not likely to dominate water cooler conversations (or their digital equivalent) anytime soon, there are some interesting developments for a couple interest rate indices that impact adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).

The Proactive POD Model

How a breakthrough reimagining of mortgage roles shaped Guaranteed Rate’s success and spurred a new industry standard

2020 - 2021 Guaranteed Rate, Copywriting Samples

Delivery Driver App | Driver ePOD | Ship.Cars

Tired of trying to manage vehicle deliveries with outdated paper-based forms that create confusion and waste everyone's time? If you've been thinking there needs to be a simple yet advanced ePOD delivery driver app solution, you're absolutely right!

Cellcom Case Study

Vlocity Helps Cellcom Innovate and Transform the Customer Experience

Case Studies, Blogs, Press Releases and Web Content - Vlocity and Ship.Cars 2017-2020

MEEA/Taproot Presentation Deck
MEEA Brand Strategy Deck

As part of a team of marketing professionals, I helped strategize and author valuable content, conducted competitive analysis and made proposals to MEEA leadership on how to rebrand their website, elevator pitch and other strategic marketing materials.

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