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The 'Robots Replacing Foxconn Workers' Story Is Less Sexy Than You Think

On Sunday, the South China Morning Post reported that Foxconn is "culling" 60,000 workers from its factory in Kunshan, with robots taking over much of the workload. Other...

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Donald Trump Claims 'Some' Racist Supporters Are Democratic Agitators

The next to last question at Thursday's wild news conference from President Donald Trump dealt with racism and anti-Semitism from Trump supporters, moments after Trump had...


Facebook VP Dodges 'Fake News' Question by Saying Site is a Giant Echo Chamber

"They, the people, are choosing, what they want to choose, what they want to see. The responsibility is there in terms of you choose your Facebook, and we make sure that the...


Al Franken Calls Out Ted Cruz During Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Vote

WATCH: Tensions flare between Sen. Franken and Sen. Cornyn during hearing on AG nominee Sessions - @MSNBC https://t.co/RHjwMGLW7P - NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) February...

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Death and Taxes

Prince gave us the last great Super Bowl halftime show

One of the hottest topics coming out of 2016's Super Bowl was how the halftime show, featuring Coldplay and special guests like Beyonce, completely sucked. The halftime show has...

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The Funniest FCC Complaints About Pro Wrestling

In the United States of America, there's a time-honored tradition for crotchety television viewers and radio listeners to voice their dissatisfaction over what they deem...

Death and Taxes

RIP, Kimbo Slice: The brawling sensation who made his mark on porn sites

Before YouTube, internet videos generally couldn't go viral overnight. They had to have something special to pick up steam. They needed a transformative figure, someone like...

Death and Taxes

Judge rules remastered songs are actually completely new recordings

Music buffs are intimately familiar with "remastered" versions of their favorite artists' catalogs being released time and time again. The implication is that the sounds are...

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Joe Manganiello on Being WWE Fan, Sabotage

Hunk. Beefcake. That actor who always gets groped when he does interviews. These are all common descriptions of Sabotage actor Joe Manganiello. Even though he's a serious...

Death and Taxes

UFC president addresses Republican National Convention: 'WHAT'S UP GOP!?!?'

I've been a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship since almost the beginning, going back to the evening in 1994 when my dad came home from work with a screener copy of the...

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Magic Leap Enlists Star Wars to Show Off Its Mixed Reality Prowess

For a while now, one of the most secretive projects in tech has been the work of Magic Leap, the Florida-based augmented reality startup. They haven't shipped anything: there's...


MIT Researchers Taught An Algorithm to Generate Sound Based on Silent Videos

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) announced quite the impressive invention on Monday: Artificial...


Snake Gets Stuck In Its Shed Skin for Three Hours, Is Kind of Mesmerizing

Everyone loves videos of animals being wacky. Especially kittens. The latest viral video of an animal being wacky is completely unlike any you've seen before, though. The Alice...