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David Arnold

Content Writer

Location icon United States of America

I began writing content in 2003 when I started my own business as a private music instructor. In the beginning it started with copy for advertisements which quickly transitioned into a website full of promotional material and resource articles for current and potential students. In 2012 I began freelance writing blog articles and web content for . In 2013 I was hired at ClickStop, Inc as a product expert/sales specialist with the additional responsibility of creating SEO optimized content for blogs and multiple websites.


EcoFoil Blog Content

Ecofoil - Blog
Ask The Expert

This was many of the "Ask The Expert" series where I addressed common questions directly from customers. The purpose of this post was to help direct customers to choose the proper tape to buy for their product.

Ecofoil - Blog
What do Baking Stones and Attic Insulation Have In Common?

This is one of my more abstract posts that uses common everyday items to explain the physics of how insulation works. Radiant barrier products are largely misunderstood and I made use of a baking stone to show how different materials hold onto heat. The unorthodox comparison resolves, leaving the reader with the understanding that they need to buy radiant barrier to keep their house cool. Content

Greenbuild - Blog
Insulation. Hazardous to Your Health?

This post was written when I was writing as a freelancer and posted on This article targeted specific keywords to grab related traffic and increase page rank for by establishing a reliable backlink.

FastenersPlus Content

Buy Wedge Anchors At Fasteners plus | Expansion Bolts

The goal of this content is to create a reliable source of information regarding the related products. This allows the buyer to make educated decisions regarding their purchase. In addition to providing a valuable resource to the customer, this content includes related keywords to boost organic search results.

Music Content

Personal Writing Portfolio
Don't Reinvent the Wheel, Take Guitar Lessons!

I wrote this blog post as I prepare to increase the volume of my side business in teaching guitar lessons. I drew upon my experience of teaching guitar to provide a solution to many of the struggles self-taught guitar players face.

Personal Blog

A Thirsty Fisherman's Guide to Life
Quit Worrying About the One That Got Away

This is my personal blog that serves as a general creative outlet without limits. This blog allows me to tell witty stories, often with hidden underlying themes, through the view point of a wise and thirsty fisherman.