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Liverpool Vs The Sun: How the City Rid Itself of the UK's Biggest Paper

Depending on whose estimates you believe, the city of Liverpool has cost Rupert Murdoch either a "shit ton" or a "fuck load" of money. In an essay penned by Chris Horrie, the author of Stick It Up Your Punter!, the seminal book on the story of The Sun, he estimates that Liverpool's boycott of paper has cost News International (in 1989 prices) approximately £15 million a month for the last 28 years.

the Guardian
Style revival: Britain's booming seaside towns

Since its £14m seafront revamp, Newcastle has become one of Northern Ireland's most sought-after coastal resorts. Set amid rugged mountainous countryside that rolls down to beautiful windswept beaches, the town is popular with hikers and beach-lovers alike. It sets its cap firmly at active types, with mountaineering, canoeing and hiking all available.

the Guardian
Off to Cleethorpes, for sea, sand and style

The lightbulb moment that took Brett Smith back to his seaside home town after an 11-year absence happened close to where we are both sitting. On a break from his Manchester-based job in commercial recruitment, he set off one morning for a run along Cleethorpes' Blue Flag beach - a beach so clean he says it's as if "somebody's gone out and hoovered the carpet".

VICE Sports
The Cult - Guy Martin | VICE Sports

Our latest addition to The Cult is a down-to-earth daredevil who stares death in the face whenever he can get away from the day job. You can (in fact you must) read our previous entries here.

Louder Than War
Interview: Cage The Elephant - Louder Than War

Touring their fourth album, Tell Me I'm Pretty, with a stop off in Liverpool, the Kentucky rockers chat to Louder Than War about Kanye West, dreams about synths and the unbridled love they have for the city of Nashville. It's 6:20pm backstage at Liverpool's O2 Academy and Cage The Elephant's Matt and Brad Shultz are surprisingly calm.

How South Korea Imagines the Future of Cars

Visitors travelling along the vast network of roads at Kia and Hyundai's Namyang R&D centre are told not to take pictures. The facility, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Seoul in South Korea, is one of a handful of crucial design centres for both automobile manufacturers around the world.

In Defence of the 'Worst Place in the UK to Be a Man' | VICE | United Kingdom

Grimsby dock tower and fish dock (Photo by Rob Faulkner via) Few train journeys provide a more revealing picture of England than the TransPennine Express. Depending on which direction you're travelling, the timetable can read like a ranking of either the country's nastiest shit-holes, or the best locations for football league away days.

Beirut, Brixton Academy, London

Perhaps the most perfect moment of tonight's show is when Zach Conlon and co waltz into unassuming 2009 mid-album track 'The Shrew'. Sauntering in on majestic big band 'oom pah pah' trombone and wrapped in melodic trumpets, the song seems somewhat out of place, even by the band's own standards, but at the same time nothing less than dazzling.

5 Things Every Man Should Know About This Week

As a rock-photographer-turned-director, Anton Corbijn - Control (2007), A Most Wanted Man (2014) - is in an excellent position to cast light on the nuances of the photographer celebrity dynamic in his fourth feature film, Life, which explores the genesis of a series of photographs that Dennis Stock took of James Dean in early 1955 for Life magazine.

10 Athletes Worth Following On Instagram

1 | Anthony Joshua The Olympic gold medal winner and undefeated WBC international heavyweight champion is partial to a selfie but it's his training regime and preparation that provides the intrigue. Showcasing all the latest innovations in gym fitness and strength training, it's no wonder he keeps winning by knockout.

Five Things Every Man Should Know This Week - 20 July

It's been just over 20 years since The Chemical Brothers released their landmark debut album Exit Planet Dust and a lot has changed in the world of electronic music since. Acid house, warehouse raves, the rise (and fall) of dubstep, Skrillex's haircut, Avicii pressing play at festivals in front of thousands and even an EDM-themed Zac Efron movie which we can't wait to not see.

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