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Europe Decides

Moving the goalposts: what will be the impact of electoral rule changes?

(with Sofia Tzortzi, Julia Riss, Christian Thams) With less than 100 days to go to the European Parliament elections, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany are making changes to the...

Europe Decides

PollWatch 2014 launch - 19 February 2014

Videos I made of the launch of PollWatch 2014. Simon Hix and Matina Stevis discuss the European elections and predictions of the results.

Europe Decides

PollWatch 2014: first predictions put Socialists in the lead

Go to pollwatch2014.eu Download a PDF of data from the study The centre-left Socialists & Democrats Group is set to be the biggest political formation in the next European...

Europe Decides

Northern Lights and rising stars heading for Brussels

(with Anna Ranki) For some countries, nominees to the European Commission often emerge as a result of national problem-solving exercises - focusing on who needs to be removed...

Europe Decides

100 days to go, 100 things to know about Europe's year of change

At 07:00 CET on Tuesday 11 February, there was exactly 100 days to go to the opening of the polls for the European Parliament elections.

Europe Decides

The mother of all elections - the mother of all headaches?

(with Jean-Charles Seghers) In Belgium, nothing is simple when it comes to politics - and in May 2014, that statement will be truer than ever. Not only will Belgium hold its...

Europe Decides

Countdown to Dublin: who will be the EPP candidate?

In 50 days' time, the European People's Party will open its electoral congress in Dublin and select its common lead candidate for the European Parliament elections. While the...

Europe Decides

Cameron's choice: five things to consider in picking the next UK Commission nominee

(with David Earnshaw) Next summer, David Cameron faces a tough decision: who to choose as the United Kingdom's next nominee to the European Commission. The opinion polls suggest...

Europe Decides

Europe Decides After Hours - 4 December 2013

Video I made of the Europe Decides event 'What's happening in the EU in 2014 - and will it make a difference?' Luke Baker of Reuters, Jenny de Nijs of League of Young Voters...

Europe Decides

Party games: the Parliament and its post-election musical chairs

Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, a Paris-based think-tank, has recently published a must-read policy paper in which it predicts that the centre-left Socialists &...

Europe Decides

Le Pen's rise: shockwaves in France and Europe?

(with Marie Trancart) Rightly or wrongly, France - like most European Union member countries - does not tend to get very excited about the European Parliament elections....

Europe Decides

Mr President, the candidate?

It's official: Martin Schulz, the current President of the European Parliament, is the only nominee to be the common candidate of the Party of European Socialists (PES) at the...

Policy Periscope

The Eurozone's "West Lothian Question"?

While the talk of Westminster is the debate on a referendum on the EU, a 33-year-old British constitutional conundrum is finding a new parallel at EU level.

Burson·Marsteller Blog

Almost there

The European Union's Lisbon Treaty is an awkward-looking animal - the proverbial 'camel' that emerges from discussion by committee. Formed out of the discarded limbs of the...


EurActiv Policy Guide to the European Parliament 2009-2014

(p15 and pp 20-21) Two articles on the new European Parliament.

Burson·Marsteller Blog

First reflections on the European elections

The weeks of campaigning are over, and Europe has spoken (or at least the four in ten people who turned out to vote - a record low turnout). Across the European Union's 27...

Burson·Marsteller Blog

Gordon Brown: Comeback Kid?

At the end of August, I blogged about Gordon Brown, "Britain's beleaguered prime minister", who was on the brink of falling to an internal coup, and heading to certain defeat at...

Burson·Marsteller Blog

Sun, sea, sand and sedition

August is normally a quieter time for Europe's leaders, but not so this year. With the Olympics and Georgia on their minds, it has been a busier-than-usual month for many - not...

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Verkkouutiset (Finland)

Veikkaus Brysselistä: Tämä nainen kisaa Stubbin kanssa EU-vaalien ykköspaikasta

Online article mentioning Europe Decides. In Finnish.