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Central Funds To Kaziranga Remain Unspent, Other Trouble Brews

While Kaziranga's field staff has undoubtedly worked with admirable will power to counter the impacts of the flooding, a series of applications filed under the Right to Information Act by Rohit Choudhury - a researcher with the EIA Resource and Response Center (ERC) - have exposed gaping lacunae in the park's management.

The Indian Express
Trundle into a jungle

My friend Puran, who grew up in a village at an arm's distance from the jungle's embrace, and I, a thoroughbred child of the urban jungle, bounced along in our gypsy towards the forest rest houses of Dhikala.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, Not One in My Sight

While tracking tigers from a Gypsy is undoubtedly a pulsating affair, being confined to a vehicle ensures an inauthentic jungle experience. Jim Corbett once said that the fear of death added zest to the life of all jungle inhabitants, and the best way to imbibe that zest is to experience the forest on foot.

Landscapes - Part 1

My second compilation, is one that showcases the strongest element in my photography - shooting landscapes. Here's part 1 of that compilation, I hope the time you spare is entirely worth it.

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Madhya Pradesh: A Pench-ant For The Wild - Outlook Traveller

"Humans are more of a menace in these parts, the fence was erected to curb instances of unwanted trespassing," Sagar replied warily to my pressing query about an unsightly, metallic fence that had caught my eye. An aesthetic blot on the landscape, it looked woefully out of place.

The Quint
The Wild Side of Wildlife Photography: How to Walk the Ethical Way

Sultan the tiger sparked a massive uproar on social media when he vanished without a trace from the tiger haven of Ranthambore national park. But irrespective of the entire online clamour following his disappearance, and the rampant fear-mongering, the forest department tracked him down within a short span, of a few months.

Ladakh In Monochrome: A Tribute To Prabuddha Dasgupta

he season to go to Ladakh, the Holy Grail of travel photography, is now almost over and travellers won't be seeing its bare landforms until March next year. All we now have are photographs to keep us warm as ice descends on this barren land of bare mountains for the next six months.

Behind the Green Cover
Corbett Chronicles- FINAL CHAPTER

My fourth and final part of the Corbett Chronicles has been a long-time coming, but I'm quite certain that the end result has been worth the wait. To close the chapter on my Corbett series, I have chosen to showcase a series of exceptional images that offer highly secretive glimpses into the lives led by...

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Maharashtra: Tadoba in the Rains - Outlook Traveller

The eastern Vidharba landscape turns a rich green during the monsoons, and for the tiger reserves situated within its range, the green turns a deeper shade. I took good care to ensure that I was properly dressed for the occasion-a full shirt to cover my arms, a pair of trousers and a pair of flimsy shoes.

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Long-Exposures and Fine Margins in Corbett National Park - Outlook Traveller

Far-flung, non-descript, and picturesque, Rathuwadab seemed like an unmapped destination. It is a little hamlet that rubs its shoulders with the northern boundary of Corbett National Park. But unlike the better-known parts of the Corbett landscape, this one isn't a tourist magnet; in fact it lies on the opposite end of spectrum.

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In Search of the Wolves of Pune - Outlook Traveller

"Wolves in Pune!" was the standard bewildered response my friends shot back at me, when I made my intentions of seeking out wolveswild, untamed wolvesin the vicinity of Pune known to them. Their reactions weren't remotely surprising. Wolveshighly elusive canids, living in socially active packsand Pune-a sprawling city, did not sound like things that could peaceably co-exist, not even to me.

'Shit Happens' - The Ugly Side Of Solo Travel

One Sunday morning when all my friends were busy and I had nothing to do, I impulsively took a train set off for the nearest hill station, yearning for 'somewhere else'. I was quite sure that I ha

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Blog: The Smart Way of Experiencing India-s Wilds - Outlook Traveller

Blog: The Smart Way of Experiencing India-s Wilds - Outlook Traveller One of the first thoughts that pop into the heads of most wildlife enthusiasts at the mere mention of 'big cats' and 'national parks' is a jungle safari. Surely, they think, there can't be any other way of spotting a wild feline in its natural habitat?

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Madhya Pradesh: The Promise of Panna - Outlook Traveller

As a regular visitor of India's forests, the prospect of a maiden visit to Panna National Park didn't really excite me. After all, in 2009, Panna declared itself 'tigerless'. It was common knowledge that the lax park authorities had implicitly aided the mass slaughter of tigers, and four years seemed too short a span to replenish the park and stabilise a tiger population that had dropped to a naught.

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Souvenir: Preserving a Pugmark - Outlook Traveller

Souvenir: Preserving a Pugmark - Outlook Traveller For a blinkering tiger-fanatic, the next best thing to seeing the beast itself is spotting its tell-tale pugmark. After all, it is, more often than not, your key to a sighting.

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Himachal Pradesh: A Short Walk in the Tirthan Valley - Outlook Traveller

Himachal Pradesh: A Short Walk in the Tirthan Valley - Outlook Traveller The Great Himalayan National Park is India's latest entrant into UNESCO's prestigious list of world heritage sites. It was formally declared a national park in 1999 and inducted into the list in 2014.

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Maharashtra: Tadoba Tales - Outlook Traveller

In the past decade, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has shot to fame. A park that until a few years ago used to receive a measly number of visitors is now spoken of in the same breath with parks such as Corbett and Ranthambore.

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Double Trouble in Paradise - Outlook Traveller

Double Trouble in Paradise - Outlook Traveller To break away from my humdrum city life, I routinely jaunt into the wild. However, with wildlife tourism turning into a fad, my peaceable haunts have begun to teem with the same pesky bipeds I had sought to avoid-humans.

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Maharashtra: Jungle Books - Outlook Traveller

The idea of a 'luxury jungle lodge' is one that is fervently disavowed by serious wildlife enthusiasts, who deem seeking creature comforts whilst being in the lap of nature a cardinal sin. I must admit, I too largely subscribe to the same view.

The Indian Express
One With the Jungle: Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the forest

Corbett National Park is famed for the number of tigers it plays host to. But this causes tourists to think of the park only in terms of 'tiger-spotting', ignoring its other delights. While tracking tigers in an open Gypsy is a pulsating affair, the act of being confined to a Gypsy is a major handicap for anyone looking to get a true feel of the forest.

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Goa: Top 6 Monsoon Festivals - Outlook Traveller

Goa: Top 6 Monsoon Festivals - Outlook Traveller Sao Joao When: June 24 Where: Siolim If a Bacchanalian carnival full of inebriated men jumping into wells is something that piques your fancy then the Sao Joao festival is the perfect occasion for you. Celebrated in the memory of St.

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Hot List: 5 Bio-Diverse Lakes in India - Outlook Traveller

Hot List: 5 Bio-Diverse Lakes in India - Outlook Traveller Khecheopalri Lake, Sikkim This beautiful lake, about 140km from Gangtok, is one of Sikkim's hidden jewels. It's sacred to the Lepcha people, who believe that the lakebed is actually a footprint made by the goddess Tara.The lake gets its name from the Khecheopalri village, located nearby, and it's surrounded by broad-leaf mixed temperate forests that contain wildlife in abundance.