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Hello there!

I'll cut right to the chase here: I love to write. It's not often that a passion can become a career, but that's the path I'm currently on. Every day is a challenge to not only keep that fire for creating content alive, but to push myself to be better in every way at my craft. I hope you like what you see here!

Critical Hit
Marvel's Spider-Man Review - Peter Parkour

Marvel's Spider-Man is charming and energetic, action-packed and surprisingly capable of tugging on your heart strings to deliver a one-two punch to the emotional gut. If you had to sum up Marvel's Spider-Man in one word, nothing would be more apt than...amazing.

Critical Hit
Far Cry 5's Joseph Seed made a believer out of me

For a long time, I've been down on Far Cry 5. "It's just more of the same," I'd mutter to myself under my breath whenever anybody on our team showed any interest in the game.

Critical Hit
God of War explained

If you needed a quick refresher course on God of War ahead of his return to PlayStation, then buckle up and wrap the chains of chaos around your arms as we descend into the underworld history of one the most savage heroes in video game history.

Critical Hit
AfterShock Comics is making some of the most kickass comics on the market today

We live in exciting times. We're discovering more about our ourselves, the universe and everything in between at a tremendous clip, unlocking new knowledge and legends along the way. It's not hard to see the influence of unfettered information in the stories we tell, how they nudge pop culture in bizarre new directions and create new stages upon which to act.

Critical Hit
The ten best DC Universe animated movies

The distribution methods may have changed and the quality may have dipped here and there, but after a decade Warner Bros. Animation is stronger than ever. With dozens of films produced and a soft reboot coming later this year when Superman goes in for a second round against Doomsday, which films are truly the best?

Critical Hit
I miss Command and Conquer

RTS games are very very far from being dead, but they're also nowhere near as industry-defining as they once were. They're the domain of a niche audience now, a genre for the patient and those who enjoy investing their time into hours of preparation before kickstarting a war on a global scale.

Critical Hit
The ten most wonderfully silly episodes of Teen Titans Go

You could argue then, that every episode of Teen Titans Go is silly. Which is 100% true, but there's silly and there is silly, if that makes sense. It probably doesn't so here's a quick look then at what we'd call the most absurd episodes of the lot that was culled from over 200 adventures broadcast so far.