Darlene Elysia A.

Freelance Writer

Location icon Philippines

Darlene was working a regular nine-to-five job as an SEO specialist and a writer when she felt led to go full-time in her volunteer work. She became a freelance writer so she could travel and support herself. Darlene felt she never quite fit in any of her existing worlds. Perhaps, she's made for another world.

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5 Ways a Trip Planner Can Help You Go Paperless

Since the rise of computers in the 1970s, humans have attempted to go completely paperless. In some ways, organizations have succeeded; contracts, receipts, and billings are sent paperlessly and various companies use trip planners to create and optimize their daily routes. Yet, no company has managed to eliminate the use of paper totally.

10 Tips on Creating Great and Engaging Content for Your Website

Every website needs to have great content. Otherwise, your audience - rather potential customers won't know about your services. Putting your company information out there is one thing and making your readers click that "hire" or "call" button is another. If you want to turn your site visitors to actual customers, you need to have a good content strategy.

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How Virtual Reality Is Transforming Retail and Ecommerce Logistics

When most people hear the phrase "virtual reality" (VR), they think of video games. But VR isn't limited to gaming. This technology has uses in many other fields, including retail and eCommerce logistics. Does VR offer real business value, or is it just another gimmick? What can it actually do for you?

5 Inspiring Benefits of Volunteering - Archye Leacock - Medium

If ever you have experienced volunteering, you are probably aware of the great feeling it leaves even after the volunteer work is done. There is that sense of euphoria which leaves you feeling fulfilled and energized as you go back to your monotonous daily grind.

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Why a Route Planner Is a Must-Have Tool for Wine Distributors

Running an alcohol distribution company can be quite challenging. In addition to your other responsibilities as a business-owner, such as supervising your staff and finding new customers, you also need to manage your routes and deliveries. Wine, liquor, and beer distributors often have hundreds or even thousands of customers that they deliver to.

7 Simple Reasons You Didn't Get that Second Date - Sophia Mavis - Medium

Many people think that the first date is the ultimate deal breaker. After all, it's that day you're all dressed up - looking you're best and probably putting your best foot forward at all times. However, the second date's the real catch. And once your potential partner suddenly stopped texting or didn't respond to that email - you feel confused.

10 Traits Successful Students Possess - Archye Leacock - Medium

The US Department of Education lays down the basics of how parents can help their children succeed in school. It includes encouraging students to read, talking to them, guiding them in their home works, letting them play in moderation, teaching them to use the library as well as the Internet effectively, and inspiring active learning and independence.