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Darby Evans

English Educator & Writer

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On Teaching English

Giving the Gift of Literacy

When parents ask for reading suggestions for their kids, here's a handy list you can share, broken down by grade. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash During the holiday season and when birthdays roll around, parents often seek out gifts that their kids will enjoy while also learning something-a delicate balance.

Center for Literacy Education
Deck the Walls: Create a Literacy-Rich Secondary Classroom // Institute for Educational...

It was my first classroom observation as a new teacher, and I was terrified. I was only about six weeks into my first year teaching middle school English and literature when my supervisor, language and education specialist Dr. Katy Lichon, came to Fort Worth to evaluate my practice, and I was well aware I had plenty of room to grow in pedagogy and in planning.


Alliance for Catholic Education
The Middle School Roller Coaster // Alliance for Catholic Education

I love it when their eyes widen. That is my favorite part. "You teach English? To middle schoolers?" people ask, incredulous, awed. "Oh man, I was the worst in middle school." "Yes, you probably were," I nod-a heavy sort of nod, the nod of an old wizard who has lived a thousand years.


Alliance for Catholic Education
Renée Stoeckle: Winning Hearts Through Data and Doctrine // Alliance for Catholic Education

For Catholic education to continue and thrive in America, we need more proponents on the political frontlines. We need advocates who are willing to speak with policymakers, pastors, and parents to ensure that Catholic education is available to all families, regardless of wealth or status. Specifically, we need more people like Renée Stoeckle.

Alliance for Catholic Education
ACE Summer's Spikeball Subculture // Alliance for Catholic Education

Four people stand in ready position on South Quad. Their knees are slightly bent, their eyes trained on the yellow ball as it bounces neatly off the circular net in the grass. It's twilight on Notre Dame's campus-fireflies have already started to congregate on the lawn-but for these four players, the rest of the world has melted away.

Alliance for Catholic Education
Evan Phillips: Sharing Purpose and Joy // Alliance for Catholic Education

Ask Evan Phillips how he is doing-I dare you. Without hesitation and with a smile brighter than sunshine, he will say, "I'm blessed!" Evan, ACE 23, is the sort of person who simply radiates joy. He is quick with a handshake or much-needed hug, and his speech is filled with phrases like, "I'm fortunate because..."

Alliance for Catholic Education
Dr. Dan Bowen: The Importance of Extracurriculars // Alliance for Catholic Education

Before he became an award-winning education researcher, Dan Bowen, Ph.D., was an improv coach. A middle school improv coach, to be precise. Bowen, recent recipient of the Michael Pressley Award for a Promising Scholar in the Education Field, taught middle school social studies at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School as an ACE 13 Teaching Fellow.

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