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Understanding Ethereum Logs

A guide to Ethereum logs, what information they contain and how to access and query the EVM for this information.

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Creating Web3 Projects With the Truffle for VS Code Extension

Working with any new technology can be both an exciting and scary experience. On one hand, you might feel excited about building with a new set of tools. But knowing how to choose the right ones amongst all the tools available can also be overwhelming.

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)?

The World's Computer. The Unstoppable Machine. The Heart of Ethereum. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has many names which highlights its importance to the Ethereum Network. It is the core feature that makes it not just a 'distributed ledger' like Bitcoin but a 'distributed state machine'.

Creating a Flash Loan using Aave

In this tutorial, we will: Create and deploy a Flash loan smart contract Receive funding with the liquidity protocol called Aave Transact with our deployed contract to execute a Flash loan Before we begin, let's look at each of the building blocks of this project: In traditional finance, borrowers many times are required to offer collateral to receive a loan.

What is an ABI of a Smart Contract? - Examples and Usage for Developers

The Application Binary Interface (ABI) of a smart contract gives a contract the ability to communicate and interact with external applications and other smart contracts. Receiving data from external sources can be critical for completing the goals of the application and the user.

What is an Oracle? Providing Data to A Blockchain

Smart contracts are programs that self-execute when certain events or conditions are met. These events can take place on the blockchain or off the blockchain. For example, in an on-chain event, a sender could send funds to a smart contract as collateral for a loan, which would then trigger a loan amount to send.

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Blockchain Layers - A Guide

The journey of learning about blockchain has many twists and turns along the way but the path always includes a stop at the 'layers of a blockchain' station. Like ogres and onions, blockchains consist of layers that help enable the complex operations required to run smoothly and efficiently.