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Dan is a multi-talented writer and film lover based in London.

He's written for places like Vice, i-D, The Daily Dot, Red Bull, NME, Q, Don't Panic and The New Journalism Review.

Sourced relevant ideas and topics for corporate video and written projects for Kayak, Mazda, Converse and Phillips.

As well as freelance roles he's also assisted with Nationwide's Tone of Voice rebrand and has handled the marketing and socials for Vidsy, the adtech startup.

Dan is currently considering freelance and other opportunities,
get in touch at Danwilkinsonuk [at] hotmail dot co dot uk

Nobly POS
Nobly- Blog Content

For the EPOS startup, I've crafted blog content, focussing on customer testimonials and their top food blog lists.

Vidsy- Handled all copy

I handled the copy for the revamp of the website, as well as their social media, case studies and the newsletter.

Pete Doherty Locked Me In His Shop

Last week, I went down to a run-down old shop that claimed to be selling bits of Pete Doherty's old tat and ended up spending the entire afternoon alone with Pete and his girlfriend, watching him rummage though his own stuff and take a nap on a typewriter.

The Daily Dot
How much control do viewers have over a YouTube channel?

As if the Twilight saga or anything by Zack Snyder weren't bad enough already, YouTube channel Cinema Sins has become a huge success through its succinct takedowns of these and a host of other flawed Hollywood hits.

Remembering 'Monkey Dust', the UK's Greatest Animated Satire

The final episode of Monkey Dust aired a decade ago this year. If you already know exactly what Monkey Dust was and what it did, excuse this explainer: it was (in my opinion) the best animated satirical sketch show ever produced in the UK, and sadly only lasted for three seasons between 2003 and 2005.

Interview: Jason Wood On The Failure Of London Cinemas

Jason Wood is a man that deserves your respect, he's brought some of the most interesting independent films to these shores in his time at Artificial Eye and in his programming roles at Picturehouse and Curzon.

A Reflection on 'Heavy Rain', from the People Who Made It

To many latecomers unsure of purchasing the PlayStation 3 prior to 2010, Heavy Rain served as a decider. It was a justifiably hyped noir thriller from the mind of video gaming's answer to David Fincher, Quantic Dream founder David Cage.

Why Do Rappers Put on Fake Accents?

Everyone has an accent. They shape who we are and where we come from. They allow strangers to judge us within a split-second of opening our mouth. And they make average-looking people slightly more attractive. The way a voice sounds impacts the music an artist makes.

anyone else feeling the graduate squeeze?

As we look back at 2014 and gear up for 2015, spare a thought for the thousands of graduates who are yet to find a job in the competitive market. We ponder as the year draws to a close, what the future is for the young, educated and unemployed.

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