Danny Romero


Location icon United Kingdom

Enthusiastic with a passion for world news, profile stories, using journalism as a platform to bring justice and I'm also interested in travel journalism and arts & entertainment.

I have worked in Orlando, FL as a freelance journalist, short-story writer, reporter for University of Central Florida and newspaper and magazines and editor for the campus magazine. I have also worked in the United Kingdom as a master's student in multimedia journalism writing for the online news website the Breaker.

I have also worked with the Independent newspaper in London and Wave 105 radio in Southampton.

Before my journalism career I was an intelligence imagery analyst for the United States Air Force for four years and a geo-spatial intelligence analyst for SAIC for two years.

Centric Magazine
SIX Knights Making a Difference - Centric Magazine

BY| DANNY ROMERO These knights have the drive and the passion to go above and beyond to fight for a cause. They are more than just college students; they inspire and give back to the community.

UPDATE: Waterford Lakes businesses re-open after suspicious packages found -

The Orlando Bomb Squad has rendered four suspicious packages found near Waterford Lakes Shopping Center safe this afternoon after evacuating the shopping plaza and sealing off the surrounding area near Victoria Place apartments. At around 8 a.m. this morning, Orange County Sherriff Office received a call alerting them to the four packages found in different locations.

Volunteer UCF helps educate students on budget-minded environmental awareness -

With Earth Day quickly approaching, Volunteer UCF (VUCF) has gotten a head start on the environmental celebration by hosting the Knights Going Green Educational Event outside of the Student Union on Wednesday morning. The event was aimed to help students become aware of environmentally friendly methods, yet still be financially conservative.

Bournemouth UKIP office vandalised, clues left behind

Dorset Police are investigating a break in at the Bournemouth UKIP office which caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage with clues left behind by the attackers. UKIP says it cannot confirm whether the attack was politically motivated.

Energy activists defy Poole Council, return to Canford Magna

The Bearwood and Merley Energy group returned to a Canford Magna site two weeks after they lost their battle with the Poole Council to stay in the encampment. The Poole and Bournemouth Councils retain legal ownership and title over the land in dispute, but that hasn't stopped the energy group from carrying out their original plans for the land before their eviction.

Dorset Wildlife Trust promotes Hedgehog awareness

The Dorset Wildlife Trust have launched a new campaign this week to promote awareness and help reverse the decline in the hedgehog population. The campaign includes leaflets with illustrations of a friendly hedgehog named 'Horatio', a hedgehog who "needs your help" as he doesn't want to become the "last hedgehog" in Dorset.