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Danielle graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in both English and music. She spent most of her time the university writing news and arts stories at The Michigan Daily. She is extremely passionate about both journalism and music, and her dream job would be combining those two passions by working at a music publication such as Pitchfork or Rolling Stone.

At the Daily, Danielle also spent three years working on social media. The social media team was created her sophomore year. She joined the team, and she became managing editor of the section her junior year. She worked to improve and expand the section; in doing so, she recruited new team members, which effectively doubled the size of the section, and launched the Daily's now-thriving Snapchat account.

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News Stories

The Michigan Daily
Researcher works to create artificial lungs for humans

An estimated 200,000 people die from lung disease in the United States each year, many while waiting for a transplant. Keith Cook, a research associate professor of surgery, hopes to lower that number by developing a thoracic artificial lung, also known as a TAL.

The Michigan Daily
New oral drug aids patients battling Gaucher disease

For patients with Gaucher disease, a new drug could mean a whole new way of life. University researchers recently completed a third drug trial phase for eliglustat tartrate, a new oral compound developed to treat the malady that affects about 10,000 people worldwide, thus, treatment normally administered via IV will be available as an oral compound.

The Michigan Daily
Groups host discussion on Michigan abortion restrictions

On Monday night, the University's chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and Students for Choice hosted a panel on reproductive rights called "Can't Say It? Don't Legislate It - Issues in Reproductive Justice." The groups' efforts first took root after the state legislature's lame-duck session in December passed a law that placed many more regulations on abortion clinics.

The Michigan Daily
From D.C. to the University: A family's balancing act

Every weekday morning, Bridget Mary McCormack, the associate dean for clinical affairs at the University's Law School and a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court, gets out of her Ann Arbor bed at 5 a.m. to start her day. Her husband, Steven Croley, deputy counsel to President Barack Obama, does the same, but his bed is located in Washington, D.C.

The Michigan Daily
Researchers find water in 1960s moon samples

Your impression of the moon might just be a mirage. Geology Prof. Youxue Zhang is part of a research team that recently discovered plagioclase mineral moon rocks that contain up to six parts per million of water - a finding that could have much larger implications.

The Michigan Daily
Detroit to get emergency manager

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder announced Friday that he will soon appoint an emergency manager for Detroit. Snyder spokesman Caleb Buhs said the governor decided to implement an emergency manager after a financial review team for Detroit suggested the action.

Arts Stories

The Michigan Daily
Despite belittling Juicy J verse, 'I Don't Mind' is still empowering

When I first heard Usher's "I Don't Mind," I was slightly appalled by the lyrical content: "Shawty, I don't mind if you dance on a pole. That don't make you a hoe." Yet, the radio kept playing it (albeit without the word "hoe"), and I kept listening to it because it's so damn catchy.

The Michigan Daily
Helicon presents Luminosity, student-curated art show

Walking into the basement of 420 S. Division St., you duck your head to avoid hitting it on the top of the doorway. At the bottom of the stairs, you find yourself in a dark room, illuminated only by a film projected on the stone wall and a light fixture in the corner.

The Michigan Daily
University carillon chimes above campus

The bucket list of a typical University student reads something like this: go to Rick's, paint the Rock, sneak into a dining hall, blackout at Rick's, spin the Cube, swing on the swing in front of UMMA, go to Skeeps after Rick's, go see if Shady is really all that shady, attend at least 14 football Saturdays ...

The Michigan Daily
Artist Profile: New drum major Matt Cloutier has arrived

Three years ago, Matt Cloutier, then a Music, Theatre & Dance freshman, stood in his dorm room in South Quad twirling a shoe horn, trying to imitate then drum major Jeffrey McMahon's baton twirling techniques. Today, Cloutier, a senior, stands in front of the entire band and, soon, the entire Big House, having graduated from his self-described "really long shoe horn" to a baton.

The Michigan Daily
The Michigan Daily's guide to Restaurant Week

Looking at the Ann Arbor Restaurant Week website, it doesn't really seem like there are many choices. But then you realize there are 56 participating restaurants this January, and you do some math - in order to attend all 56, you'd have to eat out 11.2 times every day, and probably spend somewhere in the field of $1,300.

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