Daniel King

Dynamic Content Writer

Location icon Australia

Hey there! My name's Dan and I'm a content writer based in Sydney, Australia.

With an extensive background in events-based services, I’m a huge believer in injecting a sense of vitality and fun into every facet of life and as such, I have a keen interest in helping businesses create content on all things entertainment and personal enrichment-related, as well as to help them find their voice and express their vision to the world. Particular niches in where I exercise my craft are gaming, popular culture, as well as events and parties.

Some of the various writing services I provide are (but are not limited to):
- Addictive blog content that leaves readers craving for more
- Landing pages that generate interest and build suspense
- Captivating website copy that demands visitor’s attention
- Brand-specific product descriptions that are designed to convert and call visitors to action
- Electric social media content that stops users in their tracks
- Implementing a sense of personality and energy to all of the above.

If you find yourself in need of any of these services, please reach out to me!

Email: [email protected]



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