Danielle Whitaker

Multi-Media Communications Specialist

United States

I am a seasoned multi-media communications specialist, located in Pueblo, CO. I am proficiently versed in: graphic design, copywriting, copyediting, video editing, photo editing, website design, team management, and social media management. In my free time you can find me at home trying to get all of my cats' hair off of me.

The Path
Of Monsters, Mythology and Men (Part One)

By Danielle Whitaker Netflix's The Witcher adaptation features a horde of horrifying monsters both on-screen and off, from lore and myths all across the globe. Why are there so many contributions from so many different cultures instead of the run of the mill creatures that appear in most fantasy themes?

The Path
Of Monsters, Mythology and Men (Part Two)

By Danielle Whitaker Netflix's The Witcher adaptation pits the infamous White Wolf against a thick throng of monsters featured in myths and across the world. The second half of this analysis focuses more on how the knowledge of the traditional lore adds entirely more subtext to creatures that appear in the show.

Reflections on Unpaid Experiential Recruiting

Though unpaid internships are widely being called out for their detrimental impacts on diverse candidates, the fact of the matter is many organizations are creating "loopholes" by investing in tools and programs that effectively take the same misstep in the eyes of candidates: requiring work from early-career candidates without compensation.

The Path
Destiny Connections: Renfri and Stregobor

By Danielle Whitaker From the very first episode, "The End's Beginning", Netflix's newest adaptation of The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski explores the idea that destiny is an irresistible power capable of bonding the lives of individuals despite their wishes or in some cases, their beliefs.

The Path
Reexamining Calanthe, The Lioness of Cintra

If there's one thing that the Netflix adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series does exceptionally well, it's convincing you that the characters in it are exactly who they look like at first glance. Queen Calanthe of Cintra is a prime example of this considering how honorless she looks on the surface versus who she...