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10 fitness kit rules you need to know about

Finding the right technical sports shoe for you can be a bit of a minefield, but it's definitely worth putting in the time and research to get it right. Your trainers will help keep your foot and ankle stable and help enhance your performance, so start off with finding a shoe that's been specifically made for the sport you had in mind - be it weight training, running, tennis or football.

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10 wild workouts you need to try

Spending hours pounding the treadmill is about as thrilling as watching paint dry while listening to the story of a dream a tax inspector had last night.

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London's best running clubs

Running can be a great way to get some alone time. But if you want to stay motivated, improve your speed and benefit from some camaraderie, running in a group wins out. You can find all kinds of running tribes around London, so there's never been a better time to get involved.


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Back to Netball - A Sceptic's Guide

At school, when I'd finished my GCSEs and was no longer obliged to do PE any more, I embraced my freedom to never have to engage in team sports wholeheartedly. I liked exercise, just not doing it in between a set of white lines with a bunch of other people.

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In Defence of Being a Bit Rubbish at Fitness

I spend a fair bit of time trying out new sports, fitness classes and various other forms of exercise, as well as pursuing my favourites. For this reason, you might assume I must be fairly good at these things by now, but really, I'm not.

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The Captain America workout

Want a body that'll look good in skintight Lycra? Then Chris Evans' personal trainer is the man you need to listen to

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Everything You Need to Know About Trying Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has been an, er, hot fitness trend for a while now, and that's because it's a challenging but fun way to give your muscles a good old stretch, and give your mind a rest from the mentalness of everyday life.

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Eight reasons to try out British Military Fitness

Even if the closest you've ever got to army training was wearing combat trousers in the Nineties, that's no reason not to give British Military Fitness (BMF) a try. In fact, here are eight reasons why you should: 1.

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Should You Try Fasted Training?

A sciencey bit - your body can cope with exercise much better when it doesn't have food digestion to deal with, so you may well find you perform better - anyone who's attempted to run when they're too full will know how unpleasant that is.


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AP McCoy

The legendary jockey on what it takes to dominate a sport for decades

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15-minute meals? Too slow

Reduce your time spent slaving over a hot stove without resorting to microwave meals


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My Mentor

Zach Braff talks about his acting mentor



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