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15 Steps You Can Take That Will Help You Find A Job

A big part of higher education is figuring out your career and what it is exactly that you want to do for your future. Finding a job after graduation is not always the easiest task, but these 15 things are steps you can take to improve your chances of scoring the big bucks after school ends.

The Odyssey Online
Here's What I Learned From Reading "Year of Yes" By Shonda Rhimes

I am reading four books right now. So far, I'm enjoying them all. I try to take breaks and switch between each of them. Although, my favorite one is definitely the Year of Yes, which is written by the talented Shonda Rhimes. As you may have already picked up from the title, Shonda says yes to everything for an entire year. I am not finished with it yet, but here is what I have learned from it as of right now.

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