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Known especially for my time with After Ellen (contributor), The Gaily Grind (staff writer), Gay Vegas (editor) and RTP (reporter/producer). Member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

My work has also appeared in @HuffingtonPostCanada, @DailyXtra, @theBUZZ, @OutFrontCO, @soflagaynews, @WindyCityTimes, @gaycalgary, @WatermarkOnline, @HornetStories, @Into, @NBCOUT, @VICE, @Slate and @TeenVogue.

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Lisbon, Portugal (currently) / Toronto, Canada (hometown)



A new documentary celebrates winning "The Freedom to Marry"

As a society in general, we tend to look back on the early '80s with a sense of nostalgia. After all, some of the best music and films were made during this time, fashion...


"Women Who Kill" is a killer dark comedy

Doesn't it suck when you suspect your girlfriend might be a murderer? Hold up-let's rewind the tape here. We're going into dark comedy territory, folks. And you're going to love...


"AWOL" is a stunning small town American love story

Damn, I really liked AWOL . Like a lot more than I was expecting to like a lesbian love story set in rural Pennsylvania. I guess I should've seen it coming given the success of...


"Bruising for Besos" looks at an abusive lesbian relationship

If you've watched more than just "the classics," you know that some lesbian films need a minute or 20 to find their groove. That's certainly the case for new film Bruising for...


"Jewel's Catch One" highlights the lesbian owner of a historic gay club

I can't say I've ever had the pleasure of dancing up a storm at Jewel's Catch One in LA and sadly I never will-it closed in 2015. I suspect a lot of you are in the same boat,...


"Political Animals" gives four lesbian politicians the well-deserved spotlight

I can't believe we're already closing in on the one-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in America. I still remember the euphoria that surrounded that day...


"Girl on Girl" and "Gender Troubles: The Butches" tackle lesbian visibility - AfterEllen

With Pride season around the corner and a lot of us preparing to show up as our best queer selves, it's easy to forget that not everybody is taken to be proud because of the way...


"Suicide Kale" is a very queer and funny dark comedy

Doesn't it suck when your best friends invite you over for lunch and you have to figure out which one wants to off herself? What, that's not funny or all that realistic? It is...


"Honeyglue" is a gender-defying love story

It's often said that films are a mirror of society and not the other way round, meaning that if you're waiting for a film to come along and change society, good luck. That's why...


"BFFs" is a sexually fluid female buddy comedy

I watched BFFs for the first time about a year ago and thought it was really funny then. Having watched it again almost a year to the day, I'm happy to report it holds up very...


"Angry Indian Goddesses" is a feminist dramedy with a lesbian storyline

Fair warning: there probably isn't a more spoilery review of the film Angry Indian Goddesses out there. For the purposes of this site, we kind of have to give away the film's...


Docs about LGBT women in Asia, Uganda and rural Canada play at Toronto's Inside Out Film Festival

Now around for over a quarter of a century, the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival is back with its 2016 edition, running from May 26 to June 5. We've already reviewed, and...


"Take Me For a Ride" is an Ecuadorian teen lesbian romance

Maybe it's just me, but I think it says a lot about the times we live in that we can now say there's an abundance of formulaic adolescent lesbian love stories. I find it even...


Italian film "Me, Myself and Her" is a controversial must-see

Spoiler alert (yes, alread y): this movie contains cheating with a penis. If you have a rule about not watching such films, I respect that. BUT, I still think you'll like it if...


"Alena" is a sexy but twisted lesbian thriller

Holy horror movie! The Swedes went from giving us of the same name, let me tell you, as far as this Kyss Mig to this lesbian thriller- graphic novel very specific genre goes,...


Four can't-miss documentaries about queer women of color at Outfest Fusion

Following #OscarsSoWhite and the poor showing of LGBT films at the just past Academy Awards, the 2016 Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival could not have come at a...


"The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen" honors a black lesbian feminist artist & activist

Dancer, teacher, activist, scholar-all roles held by powerhouse out lesbian Angela Bowen. Such a life undoubtedly deserves documenting, and that's exactly what filmmaker...


"West North West" is a slow burning but sexy love triangle

No, this isn't the semiautobiographical set in the future film about a child of celebrity turned secret agent. That would be West, North West, which sadly will probably hold...


Meredith Baxter narrates a documentary about one of the most well-known homophobes of all time

Anita Bryant -is there a more hated name amongst the LGBT community? Perhaps, but not many. Even though it's been decades since her damaging words filled pages and airtime, her...


"Barash" is an edgy Israeli film about two enamored teenage girls

It's official: Israeli teenagers are too cool for us all. At least the teens in writer/director Michal Vinik's Barash are. Seriously, this movie bleeds cool in a way a lot of...