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Known especially for my time with After Ellen (contributor), The Gaily Grind (staff writer), Gay Vegas (editor) and RTP (reporter/producer). Member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

My work has also appeared in @HuffingtonPostCanada, @DailyXtra, @theBUZZ, @OutFrontCO, @soflagaynews, @WindyCityTimes, @gaycalgary, @WatermarkOnline, @HornetStories, @Into, @NBCOUT, @VICE, @Slate and @TeenVogue.

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Lisbon, Portugal (currently) / Toronto, Canada (hometown)



"Degrassi: Don't Look Back" features a prominent lesbian storyline

By the good gay gods! It finally feels like summer in Canada now that I've watched this year's Degrassi movie offering, Don't Look Back. And while I can understand why many of...


"I Kissed a Girl" is a charming doc series about first kisses

Most of us have (or will have) a first kiss story. I mean with a woman, though perhaps it's one and the same for you. Maybe you were 12, or maybe you were 20. Maybe you've...


Clipped Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Can you believe Clipped has already wrapped up for the season? It seems like it was just yesterday that I began my stakeout for the queer exploits of Charmaine Eskowitz, only to...


Clipped Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

After my lackluster review of Clipped last week, I was really hoping the show would step up its game this week. Unfortunately, what they delivered is what I consider their most...


Clipped Season 1 Episode 8 recap

There are two main plot points on Clipped this week-Buzzy's struggles with his gambling addiction, and Joy's doubts about her marriage-and this is all happening as the Doyle...


Clipped Season 1 Episode 7 recap

When I found out that this episode of Clipped was about A.J.'s love life and Mo's parents' potential divorce, I thought for sure this would be my least favorite episode of the...


"Clipped" recap (1.6): World's Rudest Barber

If you've been watching these first few episodes of Clipped , then by this point you knew it was only a matter of time before Charmaine's caustic nature got her in trouble. That...


Clipped Season 1 Episode 5 "Big Gay Wedding" recap

Disclaimer: Although they called this episode of Clipped "Big Gay Wedding," they're not talking about Charmaine's. I hope your big gay hopes weren't shattered like mine were....


Clipped Season 1 Episode 4 "Wi-fi" recap

This episode of Clipped starts off on a sad note: Danni can't buy a pair of the "cute shorty overalls" she wanted because she lost cell reception after Charmaine sneezed and...


"Clipped" recap (1.3): Layers of Jealousy

A new week, a new episode of Clipped featuring Charmaine and her razor-sharp tongue. Actually, this week's episode gives us a healthy dose of Char, so pop the bubbly folks. But...


"Clipped" recap (1.2): Big Hair, Big Dreams

After its premiere last week, Clipped returned to our screens Tuesday. And just in case you forgot what channel it's on, look, it's Conan O'Brien! TBS, you take product...


"Clipped" recap (1.1): Cut and dried

Ladies, we've got a new scissor-wielding queer woman to admire. Goodbye, Shane McCutcheon. Hello, Charmaine Eskowitz. When I heard David Kohan and Max Mutchnick were behind TBS'...

Book Interviews/Reviews


The history of "Forbidden Love," the world's best documentary about early lesbian lives

Having watched a lot of documentaries, 1992's Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives still stands as one of the best (if not the best) feature-length...


AfterEllen's Summer of Love: "T-Minus Two" by KG MacGregor

Every Friday through September, we'll be posting a review of a lesbian/bi-themed romance novel as part of our Summer of Love. Miss the first few? Read them here. Over 40,000...

Windy City Times

Chelsey Clammer gets personal with 'BodyHome'

After honing her craft over the last several years, award-winning essayist Chelsey Clammer is out with her first collection of essays, BodyHome. Sex, addiction, mental illness...

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Kevin Vidal Profile


Director April Mullen on how "Below Her Mouth" is all about the female gaze

"I hope it allows people to have a sense of freedom and break down any perceptions that they might have had going into it, or perceptions they might have had about love or...