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I'm a part-time student who has worked for two semestars as a staff writer for my college paper, The Experience, and I'm eager to break into the field of journalism.

Speakers discuss media: Fake news is examined

"Bots, Sockpuppets, & Fake News In Social Media!" Was a chance for students to learn to better perceive misinformation on the Internet. Students were treated Tuesday to a LMC Library-sponsored seminar and panel discussion with two guests to the campus. Dr. Nolan Higdon. The second guest was Maureen Erwin, a political columnist for The San...

LMC makes 'Space' for art show

The work of internationally known Bay Area photographer Jeannie O'Connor is gracing the walls of the Los Medanos College Art Gallery in a new exhibit called "Double Space." Gallery Director Judi Pettite expressed enthusiasm about Thursday's debut, which opened with a reception and artist talk April 19.

Experience staff takes home 11 awards

The staff of the Los Medanos College Experience attended the Journalism Association of Community Colleges 2018 Annual Convention in Burbank and returned with 11 awards. The conference was held from March 22 to March 24 at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center. The event, which attracted 400 students and faculty from 34 colleges, is designed to...

Paint Night yields masterpieces

Calm, tranquil, free of tension or pressure, the low frequency of jazz music in the background - these are just some of the ways to describe the atmosphere of Los Medanos College Art Club's first Paint Night event. The event held last Friday afternoon April 20, was the first event of its kind since the...

Professors talk intersectionality

"Being an ally means being willing to act with and for others in the pursuit of ending oppression and creating equality," said by Los Medanos College English professor Jill Buettner-Ouellette at an event she hosted Monday with fellow English Professor James Noel. The workshop "Courageous Conversations: Intersectionality and Allyship," was held in the LMC Little...

California bill fights bigotry with ban

Assembly Bill 1887, which was passed by the California legislature this January in response to discriminatory laws in other states, may have an impact on some of the work- related travel plans of the faculty, students and staff. The bill requires California take action to avoid supporting anyone funding discrimination against, gay, bisexual, and transgender...

Bike to Work Day coming up

Bike To Work Day is a cyclist-centered event held every year with the attempt to unite local communities through bicycling. This year, the 24th annual Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 10. According to the BTWD mission statement, they're aiming to increase bicycling as a main source of transportation to 10 percent by 2025....

Uchis polishes sound

Imagine for a moment the vintage sounds of gliding, 70s guitar drips, crystalline synths, sine pads, the smooth vocal stylings of Yukimi Nagano and Amy Winehouse, sung of course to melodies that are both somber and sanguine, and done with an approach to R&B, soul, reggaeton, electronica and funk.

'Ragnarok' is comedic

"Thor: Ragnarok," the third film in the Thor franchise and unlike its predecessors, is astonishingly comedic in tone throughout. Not to say that none of the past Marvel films have ever offered any laughs, but one of the film's biggest pulls without a doubt is it's rapid-fire jokes and constant situational humor.

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