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Student Activism in a Union Town

We are by now familiar with the story of the crushed American dream: the expansion of free trade, the attendant outsourcing and capital migration to Mexico, and advances in technological automation combined to pull the rug out from under the feet of the American manufacturing sectors in Detroit, Gary, Youngstown, Buffalo, Flint, and Cleveland.

Reform Unpaid Internships Now!

By Dan Darrah The internship, especially with the rise of the so-called "knowledge economy" since the 1980s, has become an unavoidable part of the college- and university-age experience for many young Canadians. For good reason, too: internships offer students practical on-the-job experience in many of the fields they will one day work in.

Foreign Policy Journal
The Key to Canada-Venezuela Relations: Distancing from US/Harper Foreign Policy | Foreign Policy...

here really is no excuse for closing diplomatic ties with a democratic regional government," says Donald Kingsbury, a political science and Latin-American cultural studies lecturer at the University of Toronto. Kingsbury, who appeared on TVO's the Agenda Plus last year and whose research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, ...

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The Lax Approach To Corporate Tax Havens Is Failing Canadians

Companies operating in Canada in 2014 held over $199 billion in "assets" -- unpaid taxes -- in havens like Barbados and the Cayman Islands. Canada is one of the biggest "losers" of corporate tax revenue. The "winner" countries are the ones with low-to-none corporate income tax, such as Bermuda, as well as the super-rich.

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Expect Same Conservative Politics, Fresh Approach Without Harper

Although the Conservatives find themselves preparing for a shift back into the opposition benches after nearly 10 years, the party didn't incur a loss great enough to warrant a rethinking of its approach to politics. The loss of seats was, in part, a response to Harper -- it was an anti-Harper vote.

Amplifying the Feminist Voice in Toronto's Hardcore Scene

By Dan Darrah "People who used to call me a freak are a lot more tame now." Raeanna Rees was initiated into the Toronto hardcore-punk scene at the now-defunct Siesta-Nouveaux, which she felt was - at one time - a "punk utopia." But the fervent 23-year-old concedes that it didn't end up shedding the "big...

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Legal pot money could help pay for post-secondary education

Justin Trudeau Photo: Andrej Ivanov / The Concordian By Dan Darrah Last week, Justin Trudeau's Liberals won a majority with a whopping 182 seats, sweeping the NDP in Quebec and the Conservatives in Ontario, gaining a little ground in Alberta and B.C., and totally - and unsurprisingly - rocking the Atlantic.

Justin Trudeau's Liberals cannot win if they continue to occupy mushy middle | Metro News

"I want to vote Liberal, but I just can't." It's a phrase I've heard muttered in university bars, and it's usually shorthand for the futility of Liberal pandering. For much of our history, the Liberals catered to a broad "public" consisting of groups - middle class workers, socially liberal yuppies, small-business owners - whose support has been gradually siphoned off by the Conservatives and NDP.