Dana Heard

Events Coordinator / Copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

A well-rounded individual with a multitude of experience within event development, management and marketing, including copywriting for brochures, press releases and social media.

Obsessed with creativity, current trends and fashions as well as writing with purpose.

Current Creative Writing student at Liverpool John Moores University, specialising in poetry, prose and creative non-fiction.

The Fault in Romantic Dependency

How many times has the phrase that couples "can't live without each other" been heavily romanticised, too many to count. This common idealisation of dependence, unfortunately, brings unhappiness. Take Romeo and Juliet, 'the greatest love story ever told', mention this tale to almost anyone and they'll express how romantic it is, idealising the tragedy.

The Essence of Goals

Take a second to think about your life goals, what you want to achieve in the next month, or year, or even decade. These goals are your essence, they're what makes you different from every other human on this planet, they're what you build your life around and are the ambitions that truly represent your...

The Importance of Self-Care

Have you ever had a day where you feel tired, unsure of yourself, low on energy? Or even periods of time where you feel worried, stressed, like the whole worlds against you? Those times are the times when we need to take a step back, re-evaluate and focus completely on ourselves and our own well-being....