Dan Betts

Copywriter. Content optimisation.

United Kingdom

What do I do? My writing is both a microphone and speaker for businesses. By using a cocktail of copywriting techniques and the strengths of my customer, I increase conversion and raise awareness. You only have 6-7 seconds to grab someone’s attention online. I make sure you don’t need 6-7 seconds. The only thing quicker is how rapidly I can deliver for you.

IFSEC Global | Security and Fire News and Resources
Why construction SaaS is a cladding remediation game-changer - IFSEC Global | Security and Fire...

Guaranteeing properties are fire-safe in the most efficient way - this is at the heart of cladding remediation. An archaic system for data collection and storage is not the most efficient path to obtain and maintain the safety of legacy buildings. Data must be quickly available, legible, clear and instantly sharable between contractors and assessors.

EU Reporter
Entrepreneur sues Transport For London (#TFL) for £47.2 Million - EU Reporter

Space in London is a coveted asset - and at a premium thanks to its scarcity. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, London is a thoroughfare for currency, and the cost of obtaining a slice of the capital is elevated far beyond the means of the majority - writes James Durose-Rayner [...]

John Lukic - The overlooked legend

By @JokmanAFC With a club that has the proud stature and backstory peppered with luminaries and glorious occasions - it can be forgiven for the majority to disregard certain former players and consign certain matches to the part of the brain that is covered by a shroud which makes recollection difficult.

Set the Stage | Aggreko

As event specialists, we understand the energy you need, no matter the size or location. We know there is no margin of error and that being in the public eye means the pressure to perform in a sustainable way is an even greater challenge.

Let's Make a Difference
Dealing with bereavement - Let's Make a Difference

I want to share my experiences with bereavement, so that someone reading it will know that there is a way to get through the pain and most importantly - you're never alone. In August of 2019 my mother died of cancer. Within two years, my father passed away.

Pioneering power | Aggreko

We specialise in taking the first steps and facing up to challenges so you can depend on our services and solutions to deliver. We are your partner that can adapt to the energy transition challenge and still provide the reliability you need. When something hasn't been done before - we pride ourselves on pioneering.