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My name is Dawn Adepoju. I am an undergraduate student at DePaul University currently pursuing her major in Animation with a concentration in Business Marketing.

Writing has been an integral part of my life since childhood, and the topics I choose to write about have only continued to mature and develop over time. Ideas concerning human interaction and perspective have served as the backbone behind my work. For this particular portfolio, I have chosen technology and its relationship with humans as the focus theme. I wish to explore the different ways in which technology has affected humanity, be that for the better or for the worse, and how people have learned to adapt and develop with the man-made creation that has manifested itself into our day-to-day living.

This portfolio addresses societal questions surrounding technology's place in human life. The Artificial Intelligence Response essay focuses on the negative utilization of technology by humans, who either limit or abuse the potential growth of the technological tool. Conversely, my essay, "Are We Afraid of Evolving?", discusses technology's manipulation of the human mind and body and further explores the definition of humanity as well as how that definition determines the fear individuals have of technological integration. The "After Thoughts" writing is a reflection of my research process and the successes and challenges faced while constructing the essay.

I hope you find this portfolio engaging as well as thought-provoking. My goal is to instigate in-depth consideration of the present and potential effects that our invention, technology, has made and will make on human lives.

Thank you,
Dawn Adepoju.

Dawn Adepoju
Are We Afraid of Evolving?

A look into our perception of technology and the ubiquitous role it plays in our lives

Dawn Adepoju
After Thoughts

A Reflection of the "Are We Afraid of Evolving?" essay

Dawn Adepoju
The Shield of Anonymity

An exploration of how the anonymity of the Internet impacts human behavior