Cindy Yogmas

creative copywriter / content strategist / cat lover

Location icon United States

Words. I love them.

I strive to convey messages and ideas in a way that maximizes power and potency.
I can work quickly, multi-task, self-direct, and easily shift gears between marketing-focused work and UX projects.
I'm an avid researcher and a dangerous pun slinger.
My specialties include: Marketing Copywriting, Editing, Brand Storytelling, Blogging, Social Media, Content Strategy, and UX Writing.

4 Ways to Enjoy Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies -

May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day! That means it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy classic chocolate chip cookies, which have been flavorful family favorites for decades. Here are a few easy recipes for chocolate chip cookies, including the original and much-beloved Nestlé T oll House recipe and some simple variations.
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Easy to make and stick-to-your-fingers fun, s'mores have always been the ultimate summer treat. These campout classics are perfect for enjoying all season long, especially as a way to savor these last few weeks of the season. But maybe you're no camping connoisseur, or maybe the weather's not cooperating...that doesn't mean you can't still make s'mores indoors!