Cynthia Lunn-Romer

Journalist, Internet Marketer, Content Developer

Location icon United States

I have worked at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, and produced numerous news and feature reports. In addition, I served as morning and evening news radio anchor. Prior to that 8 year stint, I also worked the daily beats at the Nassau Guardian and The (Nassau) Tribune newspapers.

Prior to the digital age, I also freelanced locally in the Bahamas for several tourist, gardening and news publications. Among them were, Bahamasair's inflight pub, Goombay; Bahamas Home and Garden; and Bahamas Business Review.

Since relocating to my native United States, I have completed two Master's degrees. The first is in Adult Education and Training, and the second is in Internet Marketing. The latter guided my launch into digital media.

To date, I have written several hundred articles, covering everything from news to blog posts, to marketing content. Most are ghostwritten and not open to public viewing. However, the works I have provided here represents only a sampling of what I can produce.

Working full-time in education is what I do for a living, and developing content for small businesses, is what I live to do.
I am committed to providing quality, confidential service with on time delivery.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stirs up anger after supporting vaccines

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg stirs controversy with vaccine support. A brief statement posted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his own social network has created a whirl of controversy about vaccinations. In the accompanying photo of Zuckerberg and his infant daughter, Maxima, the five word caption, "Doctor's visit-time for vaccines!", spoke volumes about his support of vaccinations.

China to Explore Dark Side of the Moon

China's exploration into space will make further progress with an anticipated landing of a space probe on the far side of the moon. Their plans were announced by the Xinhua news agency. According to, China's probe is expected to happen in 2018, and will be the "first lunar probe on the far side of the moon-the hemisphere that faces away from Earth."

It's Back to Beginning for Surgeons Who Performed First Uterus Transplant in US

The first US recipient of a transplanted uterus has undergone surgery to have the organ removed, only a month and a half after it was first implanted. According to medical officials the reason for the removal was due to a yeast infection, though it was not immediately known whether the infection stemmed from the deceased donor's organ or the recipient herself.

Study says couples happy with sex once a week

Couples who have sex several times a week are no more fulfilled than those having it once a week. This is according to a new research which studied the frequency couples have their trysts. In fact most couples found they were happiest with their sex lives when engaged in the activity only once a week.

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