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American Horror Story: Cult - Killer Clowns and Crazy Lesbians

We aren't doing full time recaps of AHS this season, but Cyn couldn't help but check in on the season opener! We open on an Election Night Party in Brookfield Heights, Michigan. November 8, 2016, was also my birthday, so thanks for bringing back all those traumatic memories.

San Jose Metblogs " Madama Butterfly brings magic and tears to Opera SJ

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see Opera San Jose 's tremendously entertaining production of Puccini's , starring one of opera's most dastardly villains: Lt. BF Pinkerton. When you have two strong, educated, feminist women in the audience of Madama Butterfly for the first time, you can expect a lot of crossed arms, raised eyebrows, and smirks.

San Jose Metblogs " Palo Alto Players presents The Graduate

"One word, Benjamin. PLASTICS." Palo Alto Players is currently presenting The Graduate , one of my favorite novellas by Charles Webb. Even for those who have never read the 1963 book by Charles Webb, or seen the film starring Dustin Hoffman, Mrs. Robinson's stocking-ed leg is still an iconic image.

San Jose Metblogs " A Streetcar Named Desire - Opera Style!

Opera San Jose has really been outdoing itself this year, as it does every year. February's Carmen was outstanding, and now they have taken a dip in the theatre-pond, bringing us Mr. Tennessee Williams. Did you know A Streetcar Named Desire was also an opera by André Previn?

AHS Hotel Recap: The killer is revealed, and Duh.

So can we just all agree that we've crossed that line in the season where this show now sucks? Did anyone seriously enjoy this episode? I was BORED. Wes Bentley drives me up the fucking wall. All the stupid exposition drives me up the fucking wall.

San Jose Metblogs " A Magical Evening at Opera San Jose

Well, I was at the afternoon matinee, but still. It was one of the best times I've had at the opera, and I'm so happy that there is still time for you to see it. The Magic Flute is a show for adults and children, oldies and newbies, opera and theatre lovers.

Popcorn and Vodka

I don't know if I have enough time to write the review this film deserves, so let me start with this: As of this moment, DOWN RIVER is my favorite film of Cinequest 2014, and I plan on getting the...

Popcorn and Vodka

My belief is that films should teach you something, inspire you to something, or make you feel something, passionately. NEVER is a quiet little film that meanders slowly along until the final, heartbreaking, REAL end. It's a feeling that young people will totally get, and that older people should remember, but it's not sappy...

Popcorn and Vodka
Billy Was a Deaf Kid

Cinequest 2009 Billy Was a Deaf Kid was a very trying movie for me to get through. The two speaking characters, Sophie and her boyfriend Archie, were the most annoying couple I've ever seen on screen or in person. They never STOP TALKING. But they don't talk about anything, it was just "Why did you do that?"

Stark Insider
Theater Review: The Marvelous Wonderettes | Stark Insider

The San Jose Repertory Theatre just finished a fantastic 2009-2010 season, and they have no intention of disappointing us during the summer break either. The Marvelous Wonderettes is a truly darling show, and a perfect way to spend a hot summer evening.

San Jose Metblogs " Failing Grade for Santa Clara County Air Quality

Santa Clara County has been given a failing grade for air quality by the American Lung Association.The MetBlogs - Santa Clara County: State of the Air 2009 report gave failing grades to 39 counties in California, including Alameda, Contra Costa , and Santa Clara.

Mentions in other works

Stark Insider
Cinequest Film Festival: It's a wrap | Stark Insider

Although the closing ceremony and awards took place last night along with the screening of Mother at the California Theatre, Cinequest Film Festival 20 officially comes to a close today. For the first time an "encore day" was added. Audience favorites and award winners will receive a bonus screening allowing fans an extra opportunity to catch anything they might have missed.

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