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Carly Weisengoff

Marketing and Editorial Assistant

Location icon United States

Carly Weisengoff is a Marketing and Editorial Assistant for Training & eTracking Solutions, an online training company based in Hunt Valley, MD.

As the Marketing and Editorial Assistant, Carly oversees all aspects of the company's blog, including production, scheduling, editing, and creating corresponding graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In addition, Carly also edits training courses for the company's online catalog. One of her favorite projects so far has been creating professional development and customer service ebooks as a free online resource for clients and non-clients.

Carly has a Bachelor's in English with a minor in mass communication. During her time at Towson University, she was the Fiction Editor of Grub Street, Towson University's national award-winning literary magazine, as well as the Assistant Director of Social Media and Web Design. As the Fiction Editor, she managed a seven-person team to determine the fiction submissions for the 2017-18 magazine, and as the Assistant Director of Social Media and Web Design, redesigned the website to best suit the needs of the journal.


Writing Samples

Grub Street Production Manual
Utilizing Online Platforms

The production manual is designed to help future staff members of Grub Street understand how the process of creating the journal works. I wrote this portion of the manual to help future users understand how to best use services like Google Docs in order to successfully process submissions.


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