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For the longest time, I never thought I would have a career writing. I've always loved it, especially creative writing, but I saw it as a hobby. Sometimes, it's good to be wrong.

I have been active within Boston's tech space writing stories about startups, Q&As with prominent entrepreneurs, profiles on particular sectors, and retrospectives on tech-focused organizations. In addition to that, I have created guides involving cybersecurity and how-tos when it comes to using consumer electronics.

Those are just a few types of writing I have done, but email marketing and copywriting, social media management, and PR outreach and analysis are other projects I not only excel at but thoroughly enjoy doing.

In short, I love writing and I'm grateful to be in a space where I have been able to use, and expand upon, my skill set.


Content Marketing Examples


Cobu: Turning Apartment Complexes Into Communities

Cofounded by Ben Pleat, makes it easy for residents to connect with their neighbors and neighborhood, turning apartments into homes. The company completed the accelerator program in 2020. Too often, living in an apartment complex can be an isolating experience. Despite living just a wall or a floor away from many other people, residents don't connect.

Introducing Techstars Boston's Class of 2020

Editor's Note : Due to global circumstances, Demo Day information indicated in this blog post may be inaccurate. As definitive demo day dates and information are determined, updated info will reflect on the main program page . We are excited to introduce the 10 companies joining Techstars Boston in 2020 - the first class of the second decade of Techstars Boston!


TUGG's Continued Mission to Give Back

TUGG (Tech Underwriting Greater Good) leaves a continuing impact on the Boston tech sector, but how did it get there? We spoke with Mike Cole, Executive Director of TUGG, to talk about the organization's history, the successful events they hosted, and their plans for the future.

A Retrospective of Techstars Boston's Decade of Success

"There is a strong bias in Boston towards solving hard problems," said Techstars Boston Managing Director, and Techstars alum, Clement Cazalot . "Regardless of what they are, there is an intellectual appetite of asking, 'What are the hardest things out there to complete?'" On April 16, Techstars Boston, the first spin-off in the Techstars network of accelerators, celebrated a milestone: 10 years of giving back to the greater tech/entrepreneurship community and assisting founders in the Boston...

Electronic Gaming Federation Makes Campus-Wide esports Tournaments a Reality

In 2013, Tyler Schrodt was a member of the Rochester Institute of Technology's residence life team, tasked with figuring out how to bring together the students on the dormitory floor he was supervising. Schrodt, who has been playing video games for nearly his whole life, decided to suggest his lifelong hobby as a way for students to get to know each other.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lyft's New England Business Operations

One of the regions where Lyft has become apparent is the Boston area. And much of the business increase can be attributed to the Lyft New England team, led by its General Manager Tyler George. We spoke with George about how the business has grown and how they have connected to the Boston tech scene.

The Ins-and-Outs of the DCU FinTech Innovation Center

The DCU FinTech Innovation Center is one of the premier FinTech accelerators in Boston, but their overall goal is one that affects the ecosystem in a positive way. We spoke with the accelerator's Managing Director Vasilios Roussos to talk about the accelerator's mission.

Gamer Sensei - An Inside Look at the Leading Esports Coaching Startup

Gamer Sensei is teaching platform for pro and semi-pro gamers and has lately been focusing on coaching players of Fortnite. Gamers will connect teachers (or "senseis") with users for lessons to get better in all kinds of games. We had a chance to speak with Gamer Sensei CEO Jim Drewry and learn more about the company's connection to esports.

Alpha Vantage - A FinTech Startup's Journey from HBS to Y Combinator

Alpha Vantage is a FinTech startup from HBS that is currently in the Y Combinator accelerator. We spoke with the company's co-founders Olivier Porte and Steve Zheng about how they met and how the technology works for the financial service industry. Porte and Zheng also spoke of their experiences in HBS' Arthur Rock Center and Y Combinator.


CES was full of Peloton imitators and other fitness tech

Every tech company with a successful piece of hardware that will eventually be copied. As Agent Smith said to Neo in The Matrix, "That is the sound of inevitability." In Las Vegas, attendees at this year's CES were treated to seeing tons and tons of exercise machines that absolutely bring Peloton to mind.

Spam calls are growing at an alarming rate - up 18% in 2019

There was an excellent segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about the overall increase of robocalls in the country. It's a funny bit on a consistently funny show, no doubt, but it is concerning that it is happening. Thanks to caller ID on nearly every smartphone, it's a good indicator of which one is a scam phone call.

A Bitcoin mining startup scammed people out of $720M

A New Jersey-based cryptocurrency startup called BitClub Network allegedly scammed $722 million out of its investors. The founders of the company are being federally indicted for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to offer and sell unregistered securities. They also created an enormous scam where they exploited a still somewhat unruly tech sector.

25 years of PlayStation - Looking back at the games and memories

On December 3, 1994, a fresh new video game console was unveiled to the world. It wasn't from Nintendo or Sega. It was from an entertainment conglomerate named Sony that wasn't quite a household name. The console? The PlayStation and its laundry list of classic video series have left an impact on gamers around the world.

Microsoft pulled the plug on Wunderlist - these are the best alternatives

On May 6, 2020, Microsoft will be no longer supporting the to-do list app, Wunderlist. The team behind it will begin to work on Wunderlist's successor, Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft also confirmed that the same features that populated Wunderlist will be on its replacement.

Here's how to stay safe while shopping online this holiday season

It seems that everyone from your coworkers to your kids to your grandparents are hopping online to do their holiday (and non-holiday) shopping. It's also literally no surprise that online shopping continues to dominate the retail sector with brick-and-mortar stores having to constantly adapt to stay even somewhat competitive.

KnowTechie - Daily Tech News for the Non-Techie
PlayStation 2 servers shut down after 16 years

March 31 st marks the grand finale of the Sony PlayStation 2, as the online servers for Final Fantasy XI were shut down, as reported by Movie Pilot . After almost two decades, the console is now officially deceased. Sony stopped manufacturing the console and discontinued it worldwide in 2013.

Short Stories

Grim Tales from the Old West
The Wolfman of Boone

On a lonely, cold, quiet night when the moon is full, the Wolf man of Boone’s howls can still be heard echoing through the night sky.

Daring Tales from Hollywood

Who is the hitman’s next target?

Assorted Content

Geek Insider
'AirDog' Soaring High on Kickstarter

AirDog is a brand new gadget produced and designed by Helico Aerospace Industries US LLC.The AirDog is made specifically for the popular GoPro handheld camera. In fact, it is the first autonomous drone that is used for the GoPro camera. The AirDog does not need controlling, unlike other products that currently use the GoPro for filming sports and such.

Apple makes iPhone users' security a priority

Apple made a jaw-dropping announcement they are keeping customers' private information that is on their various products safe. The extended protection comes from Apple's encryption software that is made to defend any hacking or breaking into. This comes as an astonishing statement, because of the requests from the FBI to break into one of the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, as reported by USA Today.

The Lifecast
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - The 10th Anniversary - The Lifecast

Without question, one of Sony's most popular, and bankable, video game franchises is Uncharted. Nathan Drake's pulpy-blockbuster film styled adventures have wowed gamers with its simplistic, yet tightly refined, gameplay, impressive action sequences, and overall consistently great stories. The four main games in the series have won a variety of awards including a few Game of the Year awards.

The Lifecast
Kirby Super Star, the 20th Anniversary - The Lifecast

Kirby Super Star was one of many classic games celebrating a milestone in 2016. Along with Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, Kirby Super Star is now 20 years old. Released on the SNES in 1996, Kirby Super Star set itself apart from previous entries in the series.

Geek Insider
Mario Kart: A Comprehensive History

Mario is a character that needs no major introduction. He is seen nearly everywhere, has starred and appeared over a hundred different games, and is the first thing most people think of when talking about video games. Much like Superman is with comic books and Bugs Bunny is with cartoons, Mario is synonymous with video games.

The Lifecast
Gaming's Undervalued Treasures: Starhawk - The Lifecast

is one of the better games on the PlayStation 3 Starhawk is a 2012 pulse pounding action game released on the PlayStation 3. The game is a spiritual successor to the PS3 launch title Warhawk. When it was released, Starhawk received average reviews and had very little to no marketing campaign.

The Lifecast
Gaming's Undervalued Treasures: Shadows of the Damned - The Lifecast

Shadows of the Damned features a hilarious script, great gameplay and a superstar team behind it Shadows of the Damned brings together Suda 51, Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka into one sublime horror action game. It's a gamers dream. The minds behind Killer7, Resident Evil AND the composer for Silent Hill?

The Lifecast
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review - The Lifecast

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a unique experiment for the long running franchise. It is also one that works, and ultimately succeeds. Shedding familiar plot elements in favor of an incredible, pulse pounding original story about the Rebellion, Rogue One contains outstanding action and battle scenes fans of Star Wars will love.

The Suffolk Journal
Sarcastic superhero is an R-rated blast

Deadpool is one of the most popular characters Marvel Comics has ever produced, debuting as a generic bad guy who later developed into a sarcastic jerk in the 90s. Nowadays, Deadpool is best known as a fourth wall breaking, over-the-top violent anti-hero. Deadpool has had more than a few comic series, having been featured in...

The Suffolk Journal
Disney creates a living, breathing city in Zootopia

In a sprawling urban landscape, people come from all different backgrounds and personalities. Sometimes, everyone has the ability to work together, but more often than not, citizens just don't get along. Disney portrays this situation of a metropolis, among other aspects of city life in Zootopia, its 55th animated film.

The Suffolk Voice
Olympus is Full of Mindless Fun

The action movie genre is an acquired taste. Viewers can sometimes get a very intelligent and well developed action movie that has sympathetic and likable characters, or an action movie that has an "old school" mentality where cheesy one-liners and completely unstoppable heroes take center stage.

The Suffolk Voice
The Purge Review

The idea of just letting out your anger in an extreme manner, such as severely injuring someone, is a thought that most people will have for a split second. It is nothing to take too seriously, and you would be hard pressed to find even the calmest person that doesn't think about it.

The Suffolk Journal
Batman v. Superman is flawed, but entertaining

Batman and Superman are two superheroes who are ingrained into American pop culture. The two have fought multiple times in their respective comics, but never on the silver screen. While "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is overstuffed, beyond complicated and filled with silly and stupid moments, but the action and character representations work exceptionally...

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