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Rarotonga's Best Kept Surfing Secret, Escape:

From air and on land, the spectacular natural reef wonder encircling Rarotonga is one of its most visually appealing features. Separating the deep blue ocean and calm azure waters of the lagoon, the crashing waves white wash makes for a postcard perfect frame of the volcanic peaked Island.

Introducing the real 'Moana'

That's what I thought when I first saw Charlotte Piho pull off the seemingly impossible manoeuvre for Australia Channel Nine's Today breakfast show on Muri lagoon a few weeks ago. As it turned out, it's just one of the trademark yoga poses she has mastered over the years.

Youths call Sheraton 'home'

With a history of bankruptcy, failed rebuild attempts, and more lately of vandals and squatters, the ill-fated luxury five-star hotel has a chequered history - and what some say is a curse hanging over the property. After spotting figures amongst the buildings a couple of times while driving past, I decided to take a closer look to see who had recently checked in.

Chasing the wind across the world

Aristos (Arry) Georgiou, is living his dream of chasing the wind across the globe, traveling from one tropical island paradise to another. His life, however, started out like it does for most of us, conforming to society's norm of getting a job, finding a house and settling down into the monotony of modern life.

A model lesson in marine biology

Not something I expected on a Sunday afternoon cruise on the Raro Reef Sub. Although, I shouldn't be surprised, as apart from posing in front of cameras for top fashion labels, the 32-year-old from Australia is also a well-known marine biologist and environmental campaigner.

Weather presenter in her element

A million viewers across Australia have been tuning into live weather broadcasts in Rarotonga this week shot by Channel Nine's breakfast show, "Today". Roving weather presenter Natalia Cooper, is usually seen around various locations in regional Australia. But this week she got the chance to tick the Cook Islands off her bucket list.

Cook Islanders on front line of world coral reef challenge

Two Cook Islanders have recently been involved in a project that is using cutting edge technology to examine coral reefs around the world. Rarotonga-based Marine Scientist Dr Teina Rongo and research assistant James Kora of local environmental NGO Korero O Te 'Orau, have just spent three weeks working with researchers from Southern California-based Scripps Institute of Oceanography on their "100 Island Challenge".

Local link to Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers is the name given to the recent leak of over 13.4 million documents, some of them revealing corruption and impropriety within the global financial market.

Marae Moana becomes reality

The Cook Islands is now the largest multi-use marine park in the world. Marae Moana - spanning a total ocean area of nearly two million square kilometres - became a reality on Tuesday. A massive feat for a country with only a tiny 237 square kilometre land area.

Doomed yacht in third rescue

Lying on the cabin floor of the yacht Zangano on Monday morning, wearing a wetsuit, and with a life raft at the ready, Shane Fredericks was ready to abandon ship.

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