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6 Romantic Movies to Watch with Your Guy over the Holidays

Only a couple days left before Christmas, and soon enough, we'll be bidding goodbye to another busy year. We understand that it has been a very tough year to squeeze in late night dinners, afternoon dates, special occasions and celebrations with your boyfie, right?

As The Story Changes

DearFutureLove There will be nights that I'd rather stay at home and stare at the sky and play connect the stars with you than go to a fancy restaurant or travel miles to explore a new place....


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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Date A Girl Boss

This girl knows what she wants; who wouldn't want to bring a girl that always has a plan to a date? She's spontaneous and she doesn't need to seek an approval with what she'll do because she knows it's best for both of you. But don't get dismayed, she respects you.

As The Story Changes

DearFutureLove I know it shouldn't be normal, but it's usual for me to feel so frustrated, depressed and devastated most of the time. You will know me as the independent, fierce and confident...

As The Story Changes
Gusto Ko Na Rin Sanang Lumaya

Gusto ko na rin na palayain siya. Gusto ko nang maka-laya sa ala-ala naming dalawa. Oo, pagod na 'kong umiyak. Hindi na kinakaya ng katawan ko ang pagpigil sa pagtulog nang dahil lamang sa pag-iwas ko'ng makita ang kanyang gunita sa tuwing pinipikit ko ang aking mga mata.