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Gift Guide: The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for a Star Wars Fan

There's no romance like a Star Wars romance. We love moments like Princess Leia's "I love you" being followed by Han Solo's "I know." If you're looking for a way to show the Leia to your Han Solo-or vice versa-that you love them to the Death Star and back, that's where we come in!

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Quiz: Would You Be Hulk's Work BFF?

Imagine spinning around in your swivel chair at work to face Hulk-sitting in a cubicle donning business casual attire. Maybe that's not exactly the work Hulk would be involved in-though Bruce Banner does look great in a blazer in the , which you bet we'll be watching in theaters November 2!

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Watch the New "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" Trailer From D23 Expo

East High, here we come! Our heads are in the game now that we've witnessed the new trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, premiering with the launch of Disney+ on November 12. Set at the real-life East High where the original movie was filmed, the 10-episode scripted series is a modern take on the classic film from 15 years ago.

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Meet Some Old and New Friends from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4

Disney and Pixar's shows us that adventure lies ahead on the road of life, and it goes beyond Andy's bedroom-and even Bonnie's. (We're not crying, you're crying.) The world can be big for a toy, but it's a lot easier to take in with friends-old and new ones alike!

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New Magical Experiences Happening at Disney Parks Around the World

Disney Parks around the world are getting some exciting new attractions and experiences! Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Chairman Bob Chapek revealed all the ways that Walt's vision will be brought to life during the Disney Parks panel at D23 Expo! Let's just say that in the coming years, you'll be making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Quiz: Which Frozen 2 Character Are You Most Like? | Oh My Disney

Quick question: Is the whole wishing we could meet the characters from Disney's IRL going to be a regular thing? Absolutely. It's now fall in Arendelle and beyond, which means it's time to fall in love with your favorite characters from all over again-and become acquainted with some new faces!

Theater alumnus lands role in Hollywood Bowl's 'Mamma Mia!' production

Rodd Farhadi plans on playing it cool when meeting one of his idols for the first time. The 2017 theater alumnus will perform as Eddie, the best friend of Corbin Bleu's character Sky, in the Hollywood Bowl's production of "Mamma Mia!" that will run July 28 to July 30.