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Journalist based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis Star
She wouldn't unlock her iPhone for police. Now Indiana's highest court will hear her case.

CLOSE A smartphone can reveal a lot about a person. "Your life is on your mobile device," said Westfield defense attorney William Webster. "It's very personal in nature, and really kind of an extension of you." Webster had that in mind after his client came to him with a quandary: Police wanted access to her smartphone and had obtained a search warrant.

Indianapolis Star
He was convicted of a nightclub murder. Does his cellmate know the 'real killer'?

CLOSE Nearly a decade after his murder conviction, Anthony Bedolla still says he didn't shoot and kill a man outside an Indianapolis nightclub. But his pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Until now. The Indiana Supreme Court recently decided that Bedolla's attorney should be allowed to pursue testimony that she says could exonerate him.

Indianapolis Star
This Indy dad is exposing Russian disinformation one social media account at a time

CLOSE At about 8 p.m. on most evenings, when the day is winding down, his two young sons are asleep and his wife is heading to bed, Josh Russell's mind is on Russia. With Russian trolls lurking undetected on the internet, the 39-year-old Indianapolis resident spends several hours immersing himself in the task of weeding them out.

A Syrian boy gazed through a gym window. Captivated, the owners tried to find him.

It became an arresting image: a Syrian boy in a Turkish city, with his shoe-polishing materials thrown over his shoulder, gazing through the window of a gym, his facial expression hidden but his longing apparent. Captured in front of Olympiat Sports Center, the photo of Muhammad Hussein, 12, a Syrian refugee, gained attention on social media throughout the country, The Hurriyet Daily News reported.

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