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What socks do I pair with shoes? | Stitch Fix Men

While it is true that form follows function, your socks definitely do more than just protect your feet and shoes; they also support your look and ensure a cohesive finish. Whether they're no-show, crew or mid-calf, we're giving you the 411 on how to wear your socks for different occasions.

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What colors go well with red? | Stitch Fix Style

It's the color of passion and love, but it also radiates strength and determination. Whether you're going for romantic or daring, red is the statement-maker that never goes out of style (not to mention it's been reigning the catwalk this season). Wondering how to pair it with other colors in your wardrobe?

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Unique Wedding Party Presents to Show Gratitude to Your Crew!

Maybe you recently woke yourself up screaming "Send out the invitations by Friday!" mid-sleep, or maybe your head is just wrapped up in a whirlwind of color schemes by now. Whatever the case may be, please don't hate us for reminding you that you also have to thank your crew for their contribution to your big day.

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Saying I DEUX Is Easy as Pie: Custom-Made Options for Your Groom and Groomsmen

Ladies, let's face it: your gorgeous gown will undoubtedly be the main attraction on your big day. While we're not here to argue against that, here's a crazy thought: wouldn't it be nice to level the playing field for your dashing groom? Vince and- Anomalie bride! -Liz thought so, and we couldn't agree more.

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The 10 Spring Fashion Dos To Try Now

Get ready to embrace new denim trends, slide into new spring shoes & tackle bold new prints. Here are the 10 spring fashion dos that you should try your hand at this season. We'll be your biggest cheerleader as you take these on!

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What animal prints are trendy? | Stitch Fix Style

They're daring, elegant and instant style-makers. Animal prints might be this season, but they're also a timeless fashion staple at their core. The best thing about prints? They're entirely man-made, so they're also an animal-friendly choice. Since we don't see them going anywhere anytime soon, we're giving you a timely fashion brief for your styling convenience.

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Fall 2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Springtime is the right time... to order your fall wedding dress, of course! Did you know that, according to the 2019 Wedding Wire Report, October 19 is the most popular day to get married?

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Wedding Gown Inspiration from the Ladies of Downton Abbey

Remember the days when we used to prance around the drawing room and have picnics out in the estate gardens? Neither do we. But television period pieces like Downton Abbey allow us to experience that long-gone past and to drool over the exquisite dresses women used to wear on the daily-and don't even get us started on the bridal gowns.

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How do I wear a hoodie? | Stitch Fix Men

Hoodies are having a stellar comeback this season-which means your outfits are about to get warmer and your layering game, better. Whether your style is laid-back, edgy or more refined, there's no reason why you shouldn't take this urban classic for a fresh spin. Hoodies serve you casual panache for both your lazy and your ...

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Boxers or briefs? How do I choose between the two? | Stitch Fix Men

A strong foundation is the key to sustainable style, and underpinning your looks with the right underwear should be an effortless task every time you get dressed. If you're ever feeling befuddled about what to wear under your bottoms, you can count on these tips to guide your way into effortless styling.

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Can I wear chunky sweaters if I'm petite? | Stitch Fix Style

Here at Stitch Fix, we don't think twice when getting behind a trend that is both stylish and comfortable. Chunky sweaters are comfy, warm and very much en vogue, but as a petite lady, your intuition might be telling you to keep them at arm's length (no pun intended).

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What should I wear to a fall wedding? | Stitch Fix Style

Despite its name, wedding season really knows no season! If there is one thing crisp fall weather calls for, it's cozy styles with a hint of glam - and dressing up your look is as easy as pumpkin pie! Read on for stylish suggestions to keep you toasty at a fall wedding.

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Bridal Fashion in Film: Three Wedding Gowns That Made Us Melt in the 2000's

Yes, we know... It's the same decade that introduced you to pelvic-grazing low-rise jeans, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and platform flip-flops. But while the Y2K bug brought a street-style tantrum of sorts, bridal fashion in film was having a stellar moment you might want to reminisce.

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Here Comes the Anomalie Veil Collection

You didn't think we'd offer affordable wedding dresses without equally-reasonable veils, did you? Here at Anomalie, we're committed to making your wedding experience as effortless and budget-friendly as possible; so naturally, we had to launch a whimsical collection of handcrafted veils - shop the collection here.

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Priyanka Chopra's Gown Is Everything We Didn't Know We Wanted

Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World 2000 pageant almost twenty years ago. On December 1 this year, the actress-singer took home something greater, something fancier-and we're not precisely talking about Nick Jonas. We'll give you a clue: it took 1,826 hours to create.

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