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It's really nice to have your most loved pieces on one site. Writing has always been a therapy I always enjoy and a habit that I will never get tired of doing.

On Ryan Holiday's blog entitled, "So You Want To Be A Writer? That's Mistake # 1", he tackled the kinds of writers according to Schopenhauer: one who write because they have something to say and the one who composes for the sake of writing.

I believe I am the former.

Recto: Rape cases a national issue

This statistics urged Senator Ralph Recto to take rape cases a national issue. Recto said he wanted to fill the 25,000 vacant positions in Philippine National Police (PNP) and add 16 additional policemen to provide security on each town.

IT community: 'ComeLeak' a gross betrayal of public trust

According to TXT Power President Tonyo Cruz, "Comelec has not directly admitted to voters that [our hacked information] was our voter data." Tonyo Cruz, TXT Power President, said when he made an introduction on the Forum, "Hacking the Philippine Electoral System", Saturday (April 23). Cruz explained

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Sweat it sexy!

If there would be one thing we want to get rid of, we could all agree that unwanted fats would be on the list!

The heart is dead, Mi Amor

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