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Good Reads: From overlooked US cities, to viral philanthropy, to the power of satire

This week's round-up of Good Reads includes overlooked US cities with the most job openings, philanthropy on the Internet, entrepreneurial efforts in Haiti, satirizing world leaders, and an Arab cartoon hero that empowers women. By Cricket Fuller, Staff writer / September 20, 2013 Where Millennials should look for work Much ink has been spilled on the burgeoning ranks of debt-saddled job-seeking Millennials.

Good Reads: From women senators, to Appalachia's woes, to a shadow war

This week's round-up of Good Reads includes a look at the women Senators who reach across the bipartisan divide, lessons to be learned from Nelson Mandela's human failings and personal greatness, Appalachia's drug problem, Journalist's waning public favor, and America's war against Al Qaeda in the Philippines.