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Copywriter | Editor | Content Marketer | Marketing Consultant | Professional Communicator

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Crisp, clear, engaging copy. Accurate content based on the latest research. This is the original material that I produce every day, for markets that range from financial services and electronics to the global energy industry.

I specialize in bylined articles, marketing infographics, product descriptions, press releases, eBooks, blogs, and event promotions – raising businesses’ profiles and establishing them as thought leaders in their fields.

From business to business (B2B) to direct marketing, my content is maximized for search engine optimization (SEO) or whatever other promotional or educational requirements you may have. Whether you need approachable content, technical accuracy, or marketing materials with the latest research, my experience and expertise have you covered.

Life Insurance Infographic
While You're Still Covered

Five things to do before you're off your employer's health care plan.

Life Insurance Article
The New Tax Law and College Athletics

The latest tax law contains a provision that impacts tax exempt organizations with highly compensated employees. Here's what you need to know.

Life Insurance Infographic
Ways to Keep Working

Stay sharp, stay social, and keep earning. If your retirement dream tends toward keeping busy instead of sailing off into the sunset, you're not alone.

Life Insurance Infographic
Rental Income in Retirement

Do you think you might want to rent out a part of your home as retirement income? Or do you have a vacation home that you want to turn into income-earning property? A lot of people of retirement age are in a good position to rent their home.

Life Insurance Infographic
Wherever Your Next Chapter Takes You

As you map out your retirement reality, where you live is going to be a big part of it. Do you want to stay in your current home? Downsize to something smaller? Each option has advantages. Here are some things to consider.

Precision Plastic Ball
Having a Ball at the TED Conference | Precision Plastic Ball

By now, you've probably heard about Precision Plastic Ball Company and how our products are used for all sorts of different applications. You may know about our high-quality medical ball bearings and our fuel- and oil-resistant premium-grade polyurethane balls. You may have even heard of our plastic shade balls manufacturing capabilities, which can greatly benefit ...

Southwest Process Controls Blog
Recovery Interrupted: Brexit and Its Effect on Oil Prices

As spring began to blossom this year, the petroleum industry was finally starting to see some good news. Near record-low oil prices, caused in part by the U.S. shale oil boom and subsequent glut, were slowly starting to rise again. A recovery that many predicted would not begin until at least 2017 was showing signs ...

Emerson Bearings
Bearing Maintenance Guide

Bearings are some of the sturdiest and most reliable components for industrial applications. When maintained properly, roller, ball, and other types of bearings commonly outlive the equipment in which they are installed. The key to preventing failure and maximizing bearing longevity is proper maintenance. While some bearings fulfill their natural life spans and eventually fail due to material fatigue, most bearing failures are caused by preventable conditions.

Flake Ice: Making Animals Feel at Home -

In order to create the most comfortable environment for the animals in their care, zoos and aquariums work hard to replicate their natural habitats. While this can be difficult to achieve, there are many tools available to provide a natural environment for animals that enriches their lives as well.

Join us for the STEAM Seminar

With the combination of reliable instruments and systems combined with services addressing your needs we help you to overcome your challenges. Learn more about the possibilities available to you.

Top 5 Ways Flake Ice Adds to Summertime Fun -

Flake ice plays a serious role in many areas: from keeping seafood fresh and safe to contributing to future sustainability with natural refrigerants. However, flake ice isn't all serious business; in fact, it plays an important part in some of the biggest ways people have fun in the summertime.

Agile Magnetics, Inc.
Fly-Back Bias Transformers - Agile Magnetics, Inc.

With over 23 years of experience in electromagnetics, our experts at Agile Magnetics fabricate custom transformers for virtually every industrial requirement. We manufacture a complete variety of products, including industry-leading Fly-Back Bias Transformers. Fly-Back Transformers are often found in lower power applications. Design and Performance Advantages Fly-Back Bias Transformers feature a number of distinct advantages ...

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